Distracting by TeraS

It’s not often that Valentine’s Day falls on a story day here on the Tale. However, this year it does, and I thought of a bemusing story to tell. Perhaps one of the more mischievous days on the calendar is one in which there’s a chance to be …

By TeraS

“Why are we here, Auntie?” The words were spoken by a young blue-tailed member of the Succubi whose hair was very strikingly close in colour to her mother’s ebon mane. She didn’t ask the question because she didn’t want to be there, however. After all, this was her favourite aunt, the one who, at least according to her mother, was a terribly positive influence on her.

“I think this is what mom calls a learning experience, Sis.”

This wasn’t the answer she’d been looking for, but her strawberry-blonde, blue-tailed sister couldn’t help herself. Her nose was buried in a pamphlet, her tail moving slowly behind her as they followed along together with their aunt, who seemed to be amused by something, in the lead. Her answer came with a teasing lilt: “Branwyn, Rianna, behave or we won’t go to the gift shop later.”

Flipping her blonde mane back into place after giving her nieces—and what an odd thing that was to wrap her silver tail around—a teasing look, Cassie continued to lead her charges through the exhibit. She found it quite interesting; she’d hoped that the two blue-tails might get some ideas. She certainly did, and couldn’t wait to ensnare Keith or Tera, or both of them, in one of the plans percolating in her thoughts.

Branwyn had stopped in front of a piece of sculpture, reading the notes about it on the little card placed nearby, as her sister bumped into her. Waving her own pamphlet at her younger sister she commented: “You learn anything yet?”

Rianna looked up, a mischievous glint in her eyes: “Maybe.”

The older-sister voice appeared: “You better not try anything.”

The younger sister hid the booklet behind her, her hips wiggling back and forth: “Me? I’m not planning anything.”

The wise, or at least more-wise-to-the-ways-of-scheming-and-plotting, aunt watched the exchange, hiding her delighted smile behind her hand. It was cute, she had to admit, seeing her nieces faux-arguing. They were playing around in their own way, and Cassie adored the two of them to no end.

She was about to chide them again when she felt something brush through her hair. Looking around in confusion, she couldn’t find a reason for the feeling, and she chalked it up to a vent or perhaps a breeze passing through the space where they stood.

Gathering herself. the elegant silver-tail, who prided herself on having taught her nieces the importance of fashion, asked as she waved her hand: “Alright, you two, what do you think about this?”

Branwyn turned away from her sister: “Well, it’s kind of obvious, isn’t it?”

Rianna shook her head: “You always see the obvious stuff.”

As the discussion continued, Cassie watched with interest, waiting for the right moment to add her thoughts to the conversation. A light caress along the length of her tail gave her pause to bite her lip and stifle a moan, turning about to see who was touching her gleaming silver appendage.

Her focus was brought back to Rianna, shaking her thoughts away from the interruption: “Right, Auntie?”

Shaking her tail out and sending another shiver through her body, the slightly discombobulated silver-tail answered in a husky voice: “Tell me more, Rianna.”

As her young niece returned to sparring with her sister, Cassie turned about, her silver dress swirling about her legs. The shimmering fabric—It was the dress wasn’t it?—making goosebumps form along her shapely legs, the heat making her shiver in desire.

The conversation between her nieces continued, but the aroused silver-tail found it very difficult to keep up with the conversation when someone, and she had a really good idea of who it was, kissed the nape of her neck. At the same moment, another someone traced fingertips over Cassie’s hip, drawing a path towards where her silver tail appeared.

She could feel the orgasm coming; she was right on the edge …

“Auntie? You okay?”

Just like that, the pleasure came to a plateau, her hair a wild mess similar to a certain Queen of the Realm’s favourite hairstyle. Out of the corner of her eye she caught a familiar tail disappearing around a corner. “I’ll be right back.”

The look that passed between Rianna and Branwyn as their aunt hurried off made it clear they knew what was going on.

The next room was painted red. Not the red that marked the Queen of the Realm, but rather a red that complimented the statue in the middle of the space. Cassie recognized the statue; it was very hard to miss art of Cupid, after all. There, waiting were the two evil—well, naughty, certainly—red-tails she loved.

Crossing her arms under her cleavage, Cassie turned her nose: “Humph.”

Her two lovers knew she was being coy as they approached. After all, this was Valentine’s Day in the Realm, and being naughty was all part of the fun.

Tera’s purr made Cassie bite her lip: “I think she’s upset being distracted.”

Keith’s chuckle brought her desires in a rush: “Oh? How can you tell she’s distracted?”

There was no escape, not that Cassie would want to. The Temptress found herself at the mercy of those she’d been tempting for years, and that delighted her. Cassie eyed them both with a naughty smile: “I’m not distracted. I’m horny.”

As the three lovers held each other close, two young blue-tails watched from nearby. Rianna sighed: “We’re not going to the gift shop, are we? I want a plushie pitchfork.”

Branwyn smiled and slipped her hand into Rianna’s own. She knew that Rianna wasn’t really miffed. If anything, she was hinting it might be a good idea for the two of them to disappear. As they walked away, the older of the two succubi sisters explained: “It’s okay, Sis, they’re distracted.”

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