February 2022 archive

Desirable by TeraS

A very short piece of writing this week on the Tale for … reasons. Perhaps it doesn’t take a lot to write the thoughts of one of the Realm’s souls, at least to try and bring something of what one’s character holds inside of oneself. That’s especially true in this case where it’s very clear …

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A Review of Succubus Freed by Elle Damiana

Succubus Freed by Elle Damiana

A review today of the first work in the Darker Dimension series today in which I find the main character to be delightfully fun, interesting, and most of all, has a personality that just makes me smile. There’s nothing good about a succubus being bored, it can only lead to moments of them amusing themselves …

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A Morrigan Aensland Nurse speed painting YouTube

Morrigan Aensland Nurse by hungryclicker

One of the well known images of Morrigan is that of her dressed up like a nurse. Obviously that’s to help with all of the nose bleeds she causes, because she’s thoughtful of course. A YouTube then this time on the Tale of a lovely artwork of Morrigan being… helpful. In the event you cannot …

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A Review of Only In My Dreams by Clit Club

Only In My Dreams by Clit Club

The thing about short stories, regardless of they having succubi or incubi in them, is they are simply too short. It’s s very difficult to tell a story fully, to explore the world, characters and most of all, why things are. Perhaps a tease is something to think about, but would it not be a …

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Succubi Image of the Week 733

succubus by lproctober

It’s interesting when artists mix ideas about Succubi in their art. Some of the more interesting combinations are when little pieces of Morrigan Aensland’s look are mixed with a unique idea. A work this week which has a touch of Morrigan, but is delightfully unique… This work is by the artist lproctober on DeviantArt and …

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This costume isn’t quite Devilicious

Red 3pc Playboy Devilicious Costume

Once. a long time ago. there was a line of costumes that carried the Playboy name. The devil woman one didn’t do a lot for me, mainly in that there was little thought given to the look overall. Recently a new Devilicious costume has appeared with the Playboy name and it causes me to muse …

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A Review of Sex Stories for Adults: Incubus by Mariano Flynn

Sex Stories for Adults: Incubus by Mariano Flynn

Incubi and succubi are beings of myth and legend, but they also are connected to a rather unique form of waking sleep or similar described things. There’s not many works that tend to explore that aspect of things and this time a review of a work in which it’s touched upon in an interesting way. …

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