A Review of The Caretaker of Tenants from Another World: Vol. 1 by Jammin’ Rabbit

The Caretaker of Tenants from Another World: Vol. 1 by Jammin' Rabbit

The Caretaker of Tenants from Another World: Vol. 1 by Jammin’ Rabbit

I’ve said many times that for me it’s the characters and how they develop over a story that matters the most. It makes the difference between something bland and something that’s amazing.

Erotica by itself isn’t enough, a tale of adventure isn’t enough. But a story where life and love matters, that’s something wonderful to see.

  • Title: The Caretaker of Tenants from Another World: Vol. 1
  • Author: Jammin’ Rabbit
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 276 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B09HV1HX4Y
  • Publishing Date: October 10, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Assassin catgirl, succubus, and slimegirl with multiple personalities? Eighteen year old Akira Katagiri applied to be a dormitory caretaker on a whim. Next thing he knew, his application was rammed through and the job was his. Akira now manages a dorm in which tenants from another world come to stay, and they need his help to adjust to Earth! However, his tenants may be carrying more baggage than what’s in their suitcases. Some are scarred from war, others suffer from depression. Will this high school graduate be able to navigate his own life as well as the livelihoods of others?

Akira needs a job and being the caretaker of a dorm seemed like a good idea, but there’s more than he expected to find. Monster girls are a surprise and he’s willing to help as much as he can. But within each lives their fears, past and problems to haunt them.

The work is an adorably fun and emotional story that was far more than I expected it to be. The characters have depth, they have stories to tell, and there’s so much growth that comes as things develop. Akira isn’t perfect, but he’s everything those around him need to find themselves and start new lives. Similarly each of the monster girls isn’t a caricature of their type, nor are they what you might expect them to be. It’s a pleasure to read their tale and see where their lives lead toward.

The succubus of the work, Angeline Varcaz, better known as Ange, is both a mystery and very plain in her needs and desires. She’s a lovely tease, but she’s so very thoughtful and through her mixture of maturity and teenage personality, there’s just something special when she appears. She’s not at all stereotypical, and she’s one of my favorite succubus characters of the year by far. How her character changes, how she adapts to those around her, and what her past reveals are both a joy and so very saddening. Perhaps she’s the means towards an end, but what that is might not be what would be expected and I liked that.

Written exceptionally well, the characters are full of life and aren’t disappointing. The growth in each of them makes sense and tells of things that mean something in the midst of the story, but to the characters themselves. If there’s one small thing that bothered me, it was some references in the story that one might not know if one wasn’t really aware of some anime or video games. That’s not a criticism, it adds flavor and depth, but it tripped me up a little from time to time.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

Just an amazing piece of writing with heartfelt characters that I adored. I look forward to the next book whenever it appears to see what happens with Ange and Akira most of all, but all of the characters especially.


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