Believe In Yourself – Part IV by TeraS

Regina’s story concludes this time on the Tale, and it brings a thought which I hadn’t realized until my heart had, in his wisdom, shared a realization with me. That brings a question to which the answer is you can only …

Believe In Yourself – Part IV
By TeraS

Regina had seen images of Tera in “the Dress,” as almost every Succubi of the Realm called it. There was, of course, the official image of the Queen of the Realm; Regina had a print of it positioned in a place of honour in her home. It was something that both made her wonder and made her question herself. She was looking at the picture when there was a knock at the door.

Moments later, a young bronze-tail found herself lost for words.

If it was Tera alone, it wouldn’t be a problem. But this was Tera appearing as the Queen of the Realm, her long silver pitchfork held by her right hand, her left resting on her hip. The dress swirled around her, hinting at the power she held. Her ebon mane was more wild than Regina could remember, her so-green eyes glinted in the light as she regarded the young tail before her.

Tera’s voice was so very formal: “I would have you attend me, Regina of the Succubi.”

This wasn’t good. Tera never spoke formally unless someone, or something, had miffed her. Regina had no idea what she’d done. Her tail wrapped itself around her right leg in worry and her voice was so very small in her answer: “Yes, Ma’am.”

Tera turned, her pitchfork tapping the ground as she strode away. Regina quickly hurried in the wake of her Monarch, fretting the entire way as she was led towards the Palace. The bronze-tail’s thoughts were of the dungeons within, the places where those requiring punishment would be taken. She knew that, in the past, the Monarchy could, at a whim, banish unruly tails away, never to be seen for ages untold.

As they entered the Palace, the pair approached the doors through which the Queen of the Realm arrived during formal events: large, wooden doors that made Regina feel so very small. They opened at the wave of Tera’s pitchfork and Regina prepared for whatever was to be.

It turned out she wasn’t prepared for what came next. It could be worse, Regina supposed, but not by much. Being placed at Tera’s mercy as dozens of succubi and incubi performed to their Monarch’s direction was confusing beyond words. It wasn’t clear why they’d run up to her with a piece of cloth or some other thing then run off again at a nod of Tera’s head or a wave of her pitchfork until the entire group descended on her as Tera tapped her lips in thought. Regina could live with her hair being done up in curls. She could live with the garters and hose, the long bronze dress that reached to the floor that hid the awfully tall bronze heels she’d been made to wear. She could even deal with the lipstick and makeup, the polish on her nails too. But that itch from that corset they’d wrapped around and then tightened to within an inch of her life was really the last straw: “My tail itches.”

The fidgeting bronze-tail peered up at her Monarch, as a slow bemused smile appeared on the red-tail’s lips: “We all have our pitchforks to bear.”

Another wave of that silver pitchfork and a door opened. Tera departed, the tip of her long red tail beckoning the confused bronze-tail to follow.

Regina had never been in the Great Throne Room. It wasn’t a place she’d considered visiting. It was a place for some, but it wasn’t for her. That sounded familiar, she realized, as she followed Tera into the chamber, the polished red doors closing behind them both. They stood together on the edge of the space, the floor gleaming, the Great Seal carved into the centre of the space. Just beyond waited the thrones of the Queen and her King.

She watched Tera stride across the room, captivated by the sight of her Queen displaying her power over the Realm. The Monarch stepped onto the dais, a moment more and she was resting upon her throne, silver pitchfork still held in her hand. Tera’s voice startled Regina: “Regina of the Succubi, come here.”

The seal loomed around the bronze tail as she moved forwards. She didn’t understand what the was all about, but she would obey the will of her Queen as was right and proper.

The next command was harder to accept. The Queen waved her gloved right hand toward the throne to her right and proclaimed: “I have a place here to my side. Find your place, young bronze-tail.”

It was very clear from Tera’s gesture what she intended, even if Regina thought this wasn’t the best of ideas. Still, expressing that opinion to her Queen wouldn’t go very far, she expected. The bronze-tail settled in beside the Monarch and tried to get comfortable.

The thing was, the itching was getting worse.

Tera turned to the right and looked at Regina, tapping her pitchfork on the carpeted dais as she did so, her free hand waving in the uncomfortable bronze-tail’s direction. “Being the Queen means having to deal with uncomfortable things at times. That’s how it is; the universe doesn’t just do what you want it to.” Regina thought about that as Tera continued: “We are the ones, however, who decide what matters to us, and our own belief makes it possible to do anything. We have to accept that we must try, no matter what. But remember, young tail, there is no such thing as a free lunch.”

Tera paused in thought, then regarded the young soul to her side: “So, what have we learned, Regina of the Succubi?”

The young bronze-tail thought about that for a time. All of this time with Tera meant something important. The throne beneath her tail became more and more uncomfortable as she tried to work it all out. Then it came to her. Tera had explained, over and over again, a single point which mattered.

Smiling at her Monarch, she rose from the throne. Two short steps brought her before the Queen and she hugged Tera: “It’s all up to me.”

The mask of the Monarch faded away as Tera kissed Regina on her horns: “A lesson we have to remember every day. You can do anything, if you need help, just ask. You are never alone, my young Queen.”

The confusion was very clear as Regina replied: “I’m not a queen, Tera.”

“You are Regina of the bronze-tails ,yes?”

Auburn locks swished about as Regina shook her head.

“In Latin, a very old mortal language, ‘Regina’ means ‘Queen.’”

The confusion was still there: “I’m no queen, Tera.”

The wise red-tail smiled, “You look like one at the moment.”

The bronze-tail rose into the air as realization came: “You’ve never liked to be called ‘Queen.’”


“I don’t think I want to be called that, either.”

“Which means?”

“I’m Regina first.”

Tera’s wink was comforting but Regina couldn’t help herself and tried to scratch her tail’s itch: “I think I understand why you don’t dress like this.”

“That’s all we can ask for … understanding.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

With a smile, Tera rubbed a fingertip over the bothersome itchy spot as Regina sighed: “Tera?”


“May I please get out of this corset and stuff?”

“I think you look cute.”

Puppy eyes looked into so-green ones: “Tera … please?”

The Monarch of the Realm sighed exaggeratedly, then winked: “Oh, fine.”

Regina hugged Tera once more: “Thank you for believing in me.”

Tera smiled: “Thank you for believing in yourself.”

The throne room of the Realm had seen many moments over the centuries. Events great and small had transpired there and still more would. But, in this moment, it marked a pair of Queens believing in themselves.

For that is the greatest lesson one can receive.

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