A Review of Madison by Kayci Morgan

Madison by Kayci Morgan

Madison by Kayci Morgan

Characters being transformed into succubi is a common story plot point. The issue becomes when the characters aren’t themselves, the story devolves into sex alone, and there’s little in the way of developing the characters beyond the transformation.

A review then of the first work in the Succubi Gone Wild series which offers something interesting, and I hope the series as a whole gets there.

The work tells of:

Madison thought nothing of it when her and her best friends Zoe and Kaylee did a ritual that was supposed to summon a demon to grant them everlasting life and beauty. Little did she know, it worked. And this pretty-in-pink sorority girl with a yippie dog now finds her world upside down as she has hunger and urges she can’t explain.
Urges that can only be sated by doing the one thing she know she shouldn’t. Driven into the darkness by hunger and madness, will she ever be able to reclaim the simple easy life she once knew?

Madison, Zoe and Kaylee are the best of friends and are inseparable. But Zoe has an idea and ropes her friends into trying to gain immortal youth and beauty. But that goes wrong, or right, depending on your perspective giving all three a need they cannot ignore. For Madison, that need turns her towards someone unexpected and when she discovers what Zoe has done, there’s nothing else she, or her friends, can do.

The work overall is a mixture of comedy, sex and a bit of succubus needs combined together. There’s really no succubi appearing in the story, it’s mainly the need that the three main characters have, and in particular the story follows Madison as her transformation takes hold. It’s silly at times, mainly because of Madison’s character. But there is a good deal of world building, a reason for why things happened that makes sense, and there’s some small character development as things develop.

The erotica reads mostly in an adult movie sort of way, which is a bit of a shame. Madison is almost, but not quite, a stereotypical blonde and I was glad to see the author stop just short of that happening. It was also interesting that the transformation didn’t cause Madison to lose herself to her needs, though they press on her throughout.

I’d have liked the work to spend more time on the actual changes that Madison goes through. It’s skimmed over a bit and that might have been interesting to see happen. As for the succubus transformation itself, there really isn’t much of one.

It’s entirely mental and internal to the characters at this point and so they seem more sex crazed than anything else. Hopefully as the series still has two main characters to follow that might change. It also would be interesting to have the incubus that caused everything to happen to appear. There’s a lot to explore beyond the sex scenes and I hope the author does so.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

There’s very little in the way of anything succubus-like in the story so far, though the need that Madison, Zoe and Kaylee have is interesting in how that’s portrayed. Perhaps there will be something more succubish as the series continues. Certainly there’s enough plot and hints for that do. It’s an interesting idea, hopefully it will not stray into the realms of being stereotypical or expected. We’ll see.


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