Believe In Yourself–Part III by TeraS

It’s the first Monday in 2022 and we return to Regina’s story once more. The question that matters isn’t what you can do, it’s what you can do when you …

Believe In Yourself–Part III
By TeraS

Regina giggled. She couldn’t help herself. There wasn’t really any way it could be avoided. It was funny, after all.

She had expected this to be easy, Tera was … well … she was Tera, which meant she was perfect at everything –the bronze-tail had forgotten that her Monarch had noted she wasn’t perfect at everything. So seeing the ebon-maned red-tail sitting on the ground rubbing her posterior, looking at the bronze tail with one eyebrow arched, was both unexpected and just funny.

Circling around Tera and, perhaps, showing off a bit, Regina sighed: “But you can skate!”

Swishing her long red tail to be sure it wasn’t sprained, Tera mused: “I can ice skate. Roller skating is a completely different thing,”

The younger soul waved her hands as she spun around in a circle: “It’s not!”

Tera’s slightly naughty smile was missed by Regina “Yes, it is.”

Stopping and crossing her arms in a bit of frustration, Regina pouted: “Isn’t!”

Before Regina could roll away, she found herself snared by that red tail and yanked into Tera’s waiting arms as she laughed: “Yes, it is. You don’t have to worry about pebbles on the ice tripping you up.”

The young bronze-tail wanted to frump and argue with that, but Tera was too skilled in tickling, and laughter overcame them both. The laughter rolled over the park and echoed off the surrounding trees, joining in the fun they were having. It really wasn’t so much about teaching a new skill to Tera, it was more sharing something Regina was good at, spending time with Tera, and learning that the Queen of the Realm was more than that by far.

As the laughter faded away, Regina found herself being held close, her tail twined with Tera’s own. She felt Tera’s love for her, understood that love was without condition. It was clear that she mattered, and that was for always. The sigh was both calming and held a question within it.

Tera noticed, of course: “What are you thinking about?”

“I just realized that this isn’t about you; it’s about me.”

Tera shared a hug: “Of course it is. It’s amazing to see you like this.”

“Like what?”

“Confident, happy, excited …”

“That’s all you, Tera.”

“Nuh-uh. I have nothing to do with it. It’s all you and everything you can do, Regina. It’s not you showing off, to be clear. It’s you wanting to help, to be who you are. That’s all this is.”

The young bronze-tail hugged Tera, then stood up on her skates before pulling Tera up with her: “Lessons aren’t over yet!”

This time it was Tera’s turn to frump, a bit unsteady on her skates: “I want a pillow.”

The citizens of the Ream, as they passed the park over the course of the afternoon, couldn’t ignore the laughter from their Monarch and a young bronze-tail, holding hands as they wobbled in circles together.

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