January 2022 archive

Visit by TeraS

Over the past while I’ve been involved with writing a story with my dear Brother called “Succubus Tales,” and I shared a little piece of that series of works some time ago on the Tale. A nudge by my Brother that I should think about writing something of my own about Tera, her dear Sophia, …

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A Review of Succubus: An Erotic Horror Tale by Mallory Green

Succubus: An Erotic Horror Tale by Mallory Green

Not all succubi are seductive, there are those that are domineering, controlling and, at their edges, simply more a means for bad things to happen in a story than much else. A review then of a work in which there’s a feeling of dread, a state of loss, and souls losing their light and lives. …

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An interesting Succubus makeup tutorial YouTube

Succubus Makeup Tutorial by Rachel Duffy

There are a very few tutorials on YouTube that have a focus on succubi. I came across one the other day and it will be the focus of today’s post on the Tale. It’s interesting in the process and how everything comes together, but it’s not quite my preference as many that know me will …

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A Review of Calamity Hollow by Nicholas Steam

Calamity Hollow by Nicholas Steam

One of the most common themes in 2021 was that of something called GameLit which means that the story takes place in a world that’s run by statistics and feels very much like a role playing game being run overall. There haven’t been many of these works with succubi or incubi in them that I’ve …

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Succubi Image of the Week 729

Sexy Summer Succubus Strip ( Bumble Bee Bikini ) by theviljackass

Thinking about it, there really aren’t that many works of Succubi art where they appear in bikinis. I think that’s a bit of a shame and this week’s art is sexy, fun and harkens towards the return of summer and succubi… This lovely work is by the artist theviljackass pm DeviantArt and you can find …

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It might be red but it’s not that hot

Womens Red Hot Devil Costume

Sometimes simple costumes can be really delightfully fun, It doesn’t really take a lot of effort to take a red dress, add horns and make something of it. However, as in this week’s costume, it doesn’t quite work and that can be as simple as having a lousy tail. This is called the imaginative name …

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A Review of Womb of the Arachne: Vengeance Unbirthed by Nicola Weber

Womb of the Arachne: Vengeance Unbirthed by Nicola Weber

Succubi appear in many works as minor characters which makes for some odd appearances from time to time. They might not be the focus of the work, but they do add an interesting viewpoint which can be something unique. Title: Womb of the Arachne: Vengeance Unbirthed Author: Nicola Weber Published By: Amazon Digital Services Length: 101 …

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