Succubi Image of the Week 725

Some of the really interesting works of succubi art are those in which succubi warriors appear. A work this week that has that sort of theme, but also offers something of a temptation held in an apple…

Succubus / Ms. Helge by KIRIKO-Yumeji

Succubus / Ms. Helge by KIRIKO-Yumeji

This work is by the artist KIRIKO-Yumeji on Pixiv and you can find the original page with this art here.

Really an interesting succubus warrior character from her focused expression to the apple she’s holding in her hand as temptation. Love her hair quite a lot, it works really well with her pose and overall look. The armour is quite lovely and adds to her overall look and form very much. There’s a lot of personality to be found and that just adds to how much I love this character…


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