Make An Effort by TeraS

Another week of not really feeling well, which is bothering me no end. Still, one must try to …

Make An Effort
By TeraS

Sometimes, just sometimes, one simply needs to make an effort. Perhaps in doing so, in finding something which drives one onwards, there’s a part which matters. That need not be reality changing or provide some sort of revelation that might change history itself. That’s not the point of making the effort after all. It’s that first tentative step, the initial decision to move past one’s inertia and simply try that matters the most. Sometimes that’s less a change in path or perspective, but rather a decision to take the moment and see where it leads them. After all, being set in one’s ways isn’t the best of things …

Brooke and Madison didn’t really see that as being a problem. Both succubi had very strong personalities that tended to crash into each other more often than not. Being that both were intimately involved in the laws of the Realm, it shouldn’t have been a surprise.

Brooke, being the formal and committed blue-tail she was, had no time for nonsense. Formal to the extreme, her path was set on doing what needed to be done, consequences be dammed, to hold the laws onto themselves.

Madison was as strongly set in her ways, though the sensibilities of gold-tails allowed for a certain flair to their personalities. Hot-tempered and single-minded, it was her nature to question how things were and seek changes for what she felt was for the better.

Oil and water do not mix well, but they had nothing on this pair. These souls had little inclination to resolve their differences or come to an understanding. It was rumoured, though never said directly to either, that they just enjoyed crossing swords, if no longer physical ones. They’d never made the effort to do anything different.

Time, it is said, changes souls. What was once important seems less so. Views held turn in directions not considered before. Ideas pass by for consideration, and some of those might even be taken on for thought. Sometimes there comes a moment in which an effort has to be made for the sake of others. That might be seen to be selfish or for one’s own self-interest. Sometimes that’s a change in view that seems to matter, because it does.

Perhaps the effort to change begins with a promise:

a promise to try to do better;

a promise to try and see the view of the other;

a promise to give just a little in the hope that will be returned.

That’s not to say that there wouldn’t be arguments, not to suggest that there wouldn’t be voices raised.

The effort in trying to be better matters.

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