Warmth by TeraS

The third part of Regina’s story isn’t quite finished as yet, though it is close to being so. I hope to sort things out and continue next week. As for this week’s story on the Tale … It snowed last night, the first snow of the year for us. Perhaps that’s appropriate, considering last week’s story. Perhaps it’s a moment when the ebon-maned Monarch of the Realm finds …

By TeraS

The first snows of winter came last night to the Realm.

The event began with a few light flakes of snow, scattered far from one another as they drifted from the skies above. They were the pathfinders for the season to come, marking the path from their beginnings among the clouds to their place of rest on the lands below. The winds tossed them about the Realm, some finding their perch on rooftops, hedgerows or similar places. Others passed land by and cast themselves onto the Lake of Fire, falling into the now-cooler waters with winter’s approach. Some very few alighted upon the eternally snowcapped mountain ranges of the domain, beginning the process of rejuvenation to maintain this landscape seen from afar.

Over time, the weather turned somewhat more present, the flakes giving way to swirling masses of powdered snow. The natural colours of the Realm began to be covered slowly by layer after layer of white blankets, serving to place the vibrant colours to rest for a time as winter’s colour took its place.

It was not long before the winds picked up once more, the heart of the first storm making itself known. The outside world faded into the new background of wind-swept plains of white. Snow piled about doorway and walkway, and roofs became covered by layer upon layer of white decoration.

And amidst winter making itself known, those in the Realm made warmth in their own ways … Within a red brick home, the walkway marked with hockey-themed topiary, a red-tailed Uncle and Auntie renewed their relationship over coffee and cake … finding the warmth in their family’s love. Inside a solitary cabin found at the end of a trail leading into the deepest woods known, a red-tailed knitter found warmth with a purple-tailed younger soul once more. On the other side of a specific fence, two soulmates enjoyed their mugs of cocoa, the warmth of being together brightly glowing. And, in a home built with love, two red-tailed Eternals curled up on their couch, watching their two young blue-tailed daughters playing board games in the glow of the fireplace, the warmth of love shared keeping the winter’s cold at bay.

Winter is but a season, with its own purpose and reason for being. Perhaps the very telling thing is the warmth of the Realm shared freely and to all …

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