Succubi Image of the Week 720

I’ve found that portraits of succubi characters often surprise me. There’s something in the look and expression that tells more about the character than what their overall look might. A work then this week on the Tale which expresses one particular character’s personality so very well…

Devil Chick by BABAGANOOSH99

Devil Chick by BABAGANOOSH99

This work is by the artist BABAGANOOSH99 on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this art here.

Just an amazing work of art from the small details in her eyes to the textures in her hair. I think the colour palette works really well with her style and look as well.

More than anything else, her expression speaks volumes as to what her personality might be like. It’s delightfully mischievous but also there’s a sense of her being less than thrilled about something too.

Perhaps it’s the bad girl vibe she has, perhaps it’s just her overall look that brings that out. Nonetheless this is quite the telling work that holds a lot of personality.


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