Dawn Awaits by TeraS

A pause this week in Regina’s story; we will return to see what plans she has cooked up for Her next week. A short story this time on the Tale in which, regardless of the time or space, sometimes that which matters is the knowledge that …

Dawn Awaits
By TeraS

The time of winter was almost, if not quite, upon the Realm.

The snows weren’t quite blanketing the lands, the leaves hadn’t quite all fallen from their perches above to be scattered about here and there. It was the moment before the turning of one season to the next and, as such, winter still had to wait.

While many of the Realm anticipated the arrival of winter and the turning of many a succubi and incubi’s thoughts towards the long evenings cuddled with those they found pleasure with, there was a moment which fell just before. The scientifically-inclined would call it the equinox, a moment in time between the seasons that came and went as the universe took the Realm on its course through the eternities. Others proclaimed it to be the point at which certain offerings to the Goddess were made to thank Her for the past bounty and the future joys to come.

For a particular ebon-maned red tail, it was a time when she waited.

There is a finger of land that casts itself into the Lake. A fragile, wind-swept and, to some, forlorn place, which offered little protection from the wind and weather to those who took the path which lay thereon. There was no shelter, no protection to be found. The only mercy given to those who took the long journey was a simple park bench facing to the horizon.

And there the dawn awaited. It was prescribed that the sun would arrive here first: the casting of light upon the waters to push the night away. There’s something magical about giving witness to that moment, something inspiring about seeing that moment between night and day appear.

Elsewhere in the Realm, others marked the passage of time. They counted the hours, then minutes, then seconds to the event itself. Others watched for light to strike a monument or some other obelisk from which their celebrations would commence. But on the spot of land where light’s warmth would arrive first, the Monarch was bundled against the cold winds from her toque covered mane to the tail cozy which professed to warm her–though the occasional moan of pleasure might call into question what sort of warming, if, indeed, there had been anyone present to hear over the howling winds.

Her eyes were fixed to the horizon, on the stars twinkling in the ebbing dark, they too waiting for the light to arrive and take centre stage. That time would come soon enough. She’d learned patience in this endeavour, though that had taken quite some time.

A flicker of reddish hue along the horizon caught her attention … and the dawn came to be. The night slowly gave way to a ribbon of dark red casting itself over the waters of the lake. Specks of red flickered in intensity for a time, competing with shades of orange, yellow, gold, and bronze, all of which spoke with the music of the universe. All was still suddenly: the winds calmed, the waters placid, the universe as if taking a breath in recognition of the moment arriving … and the dawn brought light.

She closed her eyes as the sun gathered itself, pushing out from below the horizon. The first warmth fell upon her, a fleeting kiss against her cheek before casting itself onto the world beyond. The chill in the air was lessened somewhat; the warmth which favoured her form was welcomed with a bemused smile. The dawn grew, the light taking its place for the allotted time. As the skies turned from ebony towards blue, she shielded her eyes from the glare and whispered a small thanks for what had been and would be eternally.

Across the Realm, those who had been waiting cast themselves into their own given needs, wants, and desires. As for the greeter of the dawn, she made her way back to the land, towards another source of light that awaited her. The warmth from the dawn soon gave way to the warmth of another light. One that resided in a home of love …

… where the greeter of the dawn was welcomed home by her Eternal’s light.

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