Believe In Yourself – Part II by TeraS

The next part of Regina’s story this time on the Tale, you can find the first part here, brings with it a question. But then questions are part of being entwined with the Queen of the Realm and her hopes that you will …

Believe In Yourself – Part II
By TeraS

Tera smiled softly as she took a sip of her tea, watching the young bronze-tail sitting just across from her, fidgeting. It was cute to watch Regina’s curious glances, the marshalling of her thoughts, as the Realm around them busied itself.

It felt odd to sit there, Regina thought, not seeming to have a purpose other than what might be called tail-watching by some. Tera had shepherded the young soul to what seemed to be an ordinary park bench positioned near to a small cart where Tera had found her tea. Regina, not particularly liking tea, found a small blueberry muffin to nibble on.

The bronze-tail didn’t mind the greetings that passers-by gave the red-tail beside her. After all, Tera was the Queen and so that was expected. Where things went a bit sideways was how often those greetings were sent in her direction. After a cute, blonde, red-tail waved and gave her a wink, Regina couldn’t help herself: “Are you doing this?”

Tera’s confused expression spoke volumes: “Doing what?”

Regina waved her muffin at Tera: “You know, all of … this.”

Her Monarch crossed her heart: “I have nothing to do with this. Promise.”

Regina didn’t know what to make of it; she wasn’t anything more than a bronze tail. Even if Tera had expressed that she wasn’t just that. The frump was a familiar one as Regina watched the blonde walk away: “Don’t get it.”

Tera’s smile returned as she took another sip: “You aren’t invisible.”

The muffin became very interesting as Regina picked at it: “Sure,. As if.”

“Do you want to know what I see?”

Regina’s answer came with a nod and breaking off a piece of the muffin and popping it into her mouth so she wouldn’t say something foolish. She chewed on it slowly as Tera expressed her thoughts: “I see a young soul who’s smarter than she allows others to see. She’s cute, fun and loves helping others however she can. I especially see in her the promise of what her future will bring and what that will mean to her.” Tera’s hand patting her thigh was not so much a surprise to Regina as an expression of the older red-tail’s hopes: “She just needs to try to see that in herself and believe in herself a little.”

A swallow, a moment of thought and then the bronze-tail replied: “You make it sound so easy.”

“Not saying it is. It really never is.”

Regina’s quizzical look was quite clear: “How do you manage it?”

The Queen of the Realm chuckled lightly: “Oh, I have my doubts; that’s a thing we all have.”

“Tera, you’re perfect.”

Tera tapped the lid of her tea: “No, I’m not. There are times when I wonder about the things I’ve done, the decisions I’ve made. I’m not perfect, and admitting that isn’t a bad thing.” The bemused smile came back: “Some of my fashion choices have been particularly awful in the past.”

Regina couldn’t help the giggle as she leaned against Tera’s shoulder: “I think you overcame that problem.”

Resting her ebon-maned head against Regina’s own auburn, Tera nodded: “Took a while, but that’s sort of the point, isn’t it? We see the things inside we don’t like. It’s up to us to be better.”

“Can I help?”

Tera laughed lightly: “I thought that was my line!”

Regina turned herself around and peered at Tera earnestly: “Seriously, Tera, please; can I help with something?”

Tapping the bronze-tail’s nose, her Monarch replied: “That depends on you, doesn’t it? You are the best at a lot of things, you tell me.”

Regina’s heartfelt giggle as the answer struck her was amazing …

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