Heartened by TeraS

Today is my heart’s birthday. It has been a bit since I last wrote on this day. While I am well aware that he, much like a certain Queen of the Realm, prefers that no fuss be made, there will be a small bit of that in the hope of him being …

By TeraS

There is a place called “the fence” which straddles two realities, one of a Realm in which tales are told about beings with tails and horns, the other where the tales themselves are shared. This fence came into existence with the sharing of a first hello between two souls willing to share in joys created. It’s not the most elaborate of things, this fence: not a thing of store and mortar, for that would create a barrier against the purpose it held. Nor was it intended to be a thing to bar passage, for that simply would never do.

The fence might be a bit worn around the edges, the paint a bit faded here and there. The nails holding the boards to the posts could be a bit loose, as well. But this is how things are, for the fence has been witness to many years of time spent there. It is both a physical thing and an etherial thing, a meeting place, but also a place to laugh and cry, tell stories about the day, share in family moments, too. There is no barrier between the Queen and her heart through the presence of the fence, nor is there between the two souls who meet to speak over the railing there.

The fence is content in its existence: to be present when needed, to come into being with a greeting from either side. It is a presence, perhaps, to bear witness to the possibilities that have come from that first “hello” and each one thereafter.

Perhaps that is the hidden secret of the fence, the secret that brought this miracle of the Goddess into being. It is a place of dreams, stories, and possibilities, brought into being through fingers which could not keep up with one soul’s thoughts and another soul who could see the love and wonder in those words even when the writer herself could not quite manage to.

Goddess works in mysterious ways, perhaps even in building a fence and guiding two tellers of tales to meet and share …


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    • James on November 13, 2021 at 2:40 pm

    Perhaps it is a while since you have written, but your heart knows you have never forgotten. Your Majesty will always be able to find him at the fence, for as long as she desires to look.

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    • TeraS on November 14, 2021 at 1:34 pm

    For which I am ever grateful my heart…


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