Believe In Yourself – Part I

There comes a point where one must make a choice. Do you turn left or right? Take the opportunity offered or pass it by? What if the choice given wasn’t a matter of you alone, but something more? Would the choice, when you thought about it, be that simple or would it take the ability to …

Believe In Yourself – Part I
By TeraS

For Regina

There are, surprisingly, a very small number of bronze tails in the Realm. That’s not to say that honour isn’t an important thing, because it is, nor is it a statement which reflects upon the actions of some or the inactions of others. The universe works in mysterious ways, and perhaps the most unfathomable is how particular Succubi or Incubi possess the tails they do.

This was a question that Regina had mulled over for some time. At least when she had the time to–she was, after all, an inquisitive soul.

The auburn-maned Succubi had heard of the tails, and tales, of the bronze ones that had come before her: stories of their heroism, bravery, and more, the things that marked them as being bronze; words of them protecting the Realm, serving in battle for whatever Queen or King existed in their time. Many–far too many, for her liking–had paid for their loyalty in ways that kept her up at night because of a secret that Regina kept to herself. Honour pressed on her, and so what bothered her was never allowed to come out into the light. Speaking her mind would bring shame, a black mark upon the line before her, and so the secret remained with herself alone.

She wanted, somehow, to do something that would make her, at least in her own mind, worthy of being a bronze-tail. But there wasn’t a battle to fight–not that she would, or could, it wasn’t something she had any experience in–nor was there some important quest that she might be sent on, to return and prove her worth. The Realm had passed through those times and, in the here and now, those weren’t things that existed. It left a void within her. A part of her wanted to be like those from before, to honour them in some way. Another part of her didn’t see the point, however. Couldn’t there be something honourable in being herself? Couldn’t she just be the best she could be and find that something to settle her own soul?

She had spoken to Simone; she was, after all, The Receptionist. Regina had heard stories about the older red-tail’s battles with those wanting to enter the Realm and do awful things. She’d gathered up her courage and offered herself to help in some way. But the answer was surprising to her: “You are meant for better. Trust in yourself.”

The answer didn’t make a lot of sense and Simone didn’t expand upon it. It seemed that Tera’s family all had this bothersome trait of giving an answer, but not necessarily giving the answer one wanted.

There was a cloud in Regina’s thoughts from that conversation whenas she made her way home. She wasn’t a fledgling tail! She was well and truly able to make her own choices, to decide on a course of action! It just seemed that no-one thought she was capable of it. Still fuming from the conversation, she stormed up the stone path to her home, intending to throw the front door open and lose herself in a bucket of ice cream. That didn’t quite work as she expected, however.

There are certain moments which are legendary, things which, when seen or confronted with, just can’t be ignored or, for that matter, brushed aside. The Queen of the Realm, standing on one’s front porch, was definitely one of those.

Regina found herself staring at Tera, in her trademark long, red, latex jacket, hands in the pockets, her long red tail arched over her left shoulder. Tilting her head to the right, her Monarch mused: “We need to talk.”

There was really only one way to reply, the bronze-tail not being quite able to look into Tera’s so-green eyes: “Yes Ma’am.”

Tera’s next words, wrapped in a sigh, brought her up short: “We really need to talk.”

Looking back on the moment, Regina realized that seeing Tera’s bemused smile in that moment should have given her a clue that this wasn’t just going to be a ”talk.” She watched as the red-tailed Ruler continued: “I’ve been thinking …” Regina reflexively flinched at those words. Tera was legendary when it came to ”thinking” about whatever subject might concern her. There were tales of her more ”thoughtful” actions, gossiped about between the Succubi, and woe be to those that found themselves in such situations.

Much like she was in now. She started to answer: “My Qu …” However, a slim finger waved back and forth in the air brought her up short.

“Ah! No, no, no. You know my name, as well as I know your’s, Regina. You don’t like when your formal name is used, yet you know how much I … enjoy … when my own is. So how about we both accept that quirk in our personalities, hmm?”

The auburn-maned Succubi couldn’t help herself: “Tera, you are the Queen. It’s meant as a honour when one uses your title. It’s a way that everyone who loves you can show how much we do!”

The tall red-tail crossed her arms under her cleavage and sighed: “Regina, dear heart, flowery words don’t give meaning to the love I share with you or you share with me. They are, however, sometimes a barrier between our souls and the love we have for each other.” Tera then turned to her right and started pacing the little wooden porch that marked the front of Regina’s home before deciding to take the few steps to stand with the young and confused bronze-tail: “Honour isn’t words spoken. It isn’t thoughts held. It’s what you decide to do, and, when it really matters, it tells of who you really are.”

Regina didn’t know how to take that, and her reply made that clear: “I … I’m not sure about that.”

Tera’s reply came with a nod: “There’s an old saying that goes: ‘To thine own self be true.’ It’s very hard to do that when you really don’t know who you are. But we never really actually know ourselves.”

“You’re telling me that you don’t know yourself either?”

The answer came with a light chuckle: “I am multitudes. I am also me. All else is negotiable.”

Regina had heard tales of Tera’s riddles and the inevitable onset of headaches when trying to figure them out. She could feel the telltale signs of a headache starting in her horns: “And here we go.”

The raised eyebrow was, thinking about it, expected.

The young succubi grumped: “Not every lesson has to be accompanied by a brain cramp.”

Tera’s pout was sexy, of course, so much so that Regina’s bronze tail tingled a bit: “And spoil the fun? Perish the thought!”

“This must be a new definition of ‘fun’ that I’m not aware of.”

Offering her hand, the ebon-maned Succubi Queen continued: “Every story starts with a choice, Regina.”

She stared at the open hand for a long moment before taking the short few steps, closing the distance, and placing her hand in Tera’s own: “Made that choice long before you offered, Tera.”

Tera’s hug was unexpected, but no less needed, Regina realized as she tried to keep from crying. Tera softly brushed the auburn hair of the lost soul she held for a long time, speaking softly, telling of how much love she had for the bronze-tail, how proud she was of her, how much it meant that Regina was who she was. The young tail breathed a deep sigh as Tera’s red tail found her bronze one, the two twining together. “You don’t need to prove anything to me.”

The bronze tail’s answer was telling: “I need to prove … me.”

The red-tail’s answer was more so: “I believe in how amazing you are. Someday you’ll see what I do and believe in yourself, too.”

It might take some time for the young tail, but they had all the time there is.

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