Act Together by TeraS

The post on the Tale today will be the last part of the Cassie’s Act series. There’s more to tell, there’s a few dangling story points that need to be looked into. But that will be a bit in the future from here. You can find the preceding chapters here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. The chapter before this one can be found here. There comes a time when we cannot move forwards without everyone deciding to …

Act Together
By TeraS

Cassie realized something as Keith left the dining room after dinner to bring dessert with him upon his return: in all of the years she’d been tempting him, all of the time she’d known him, she’d had dinner with her Adored One … once. Focusing her thoughts as she swirled the wine in her glass, she felt she’d lost something.

She’d never really thought about anything other than tempting him, drawing him into one of her plans and having her way with him, or vice versa; either was a delight to contemplate. Then she’d come to know her Adored One in more intimate ways that expressed who he was. She’d touched his soul, felt the love and passion, but never realized that what he felt wasn’t for Tera alone, it was for both of his loves.

Tera touched her hand and brought Cassie out of her reminiscing: “Don’t blame yourself.”

The silver-tail couldn’t quite look at her Queen: “So stupid and for so long! Of course I’m going to.”

Keith was doing something in the kitchen, at least he couldn’t hear her fretting. Tera, however, could, and she was having none of it: “Cassiopeia, that’s enough of that.” Tera never used her full name unless she was miffed: “We all love each other and that’s all that matters.”

Cassie blew a long breath out, then explained: “We’ve lost so much time.”

She was ready for Tera to answer, but Keith returned before she could do so. They both were silent as he set a small plate in front of each of them.

Cassie had heard from Simone that Keith had many talents, baking and cooking being ones that Simone insisted she needed to sample. Cassie didn’t quite understand why, but Tera’s delighted look suggested she would soon have an answer.

But there was a problem: Cassie didn’t especially enjoy cheesecake. Now, to be clear, she loved other desserts, and her expertise in the use of Rediwhip and chocolate sauce often led to some rather messy entanglements that she thoroughly enjoyed. As her Adored One drizzled cherry sauce over the top of her dessert, the Temptress wondered just why Tera had such anticipation in her expression, and why Keith seemed so pleased by that … at least until he saw his first love’s expression.

“You don’t like?”

She couldn’t lie to him: “No, not really. I just …” Cassie expected him to be upset, disappointed in her. But he wasn’t. He simply found his place at the table, picked up a fork and broke two small pieces of his own slice apart. She watched as her Adored One picked up a second fork, placing one small piece on each fork he had, then offered one piece each to his loves. “For me, please, try a piece.”

Cassie hesitated, there was just something about cheesecake that didn’t appeal to her. Tera’s bemused smile and wave of encouragement egged her to try. Keith’s look of anticipation chipped away at the silver-tail’s will until she edged closer to him and allowed the morsel to be placed upon her tongue.

It … melted away. No, that wasn’t quite right: the flavours hinted, teased, and then seduced the Temptress to enjoy the delight she’d been given. The cake was like air, the sauce’s taste mixing to give a flavour she’d never experienced before. A shiver passed from the tip of her tail through to her silver horns and the silver-tail couldn’t help the moan of delight that came from her very soul.

“Cassie… There’s something you don’t understand about red tails. Our love is in everything we create with our soul.”

That’s what she tasted, the silver-tail realized. Her Adored One’s love was in the texture, the flavours that danced on her tongue. The passion in his soul was the unexpected added ingredient that made a simple dessert so much more than she could have even expected it to be.

Tera’s purr in agreement was all the confirmation Cassie needed. Her eyes fluttered open and she sighed: “If this is dessert, I want French Toast in the morning.”

Seeing the pleased look in her Adored One’s blue eyes and the naughty look in her First Love’s so-green eyes told the Temptress that it would be perfect …

… as this moment and every moment was and would be for them all …

To be continued in Temptress Awaits…


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    • David G on November 4, 2021 at 10:18 am

    Such an eternal truth (couldn’t resist the pun), that the preparation of and serving of food for nutrition and enjoyment is a true act of love and caring.

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    • TeraS on November 6, 2021 at 7:21 pm


    Thank you David, just for being there…



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