Act Without Words by TeraS

Cassie’s story continues this week, I’m not going to close things by the time Halloween arrives. You can read the previous chapters here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. The prior chapter can be found here. Still, that doesn’t mean it won’t close in the Realm on that night, but that’s a tale to be told a bit later. There comes a point when everything has been said and the truth awaits. It’s then you need to …

Act Without Words
By TeraS

Sometimes, just sometimes, words aren’t needed.

Words can’t express the meaning of the touch of fingers. Text can’t explain the sensation of being held. Prose can’t expose the warmth in one’s heart and soul when the missing piece falls into place and makes one complete.

The silver-tail knew of love. She understood, in the way all of Goddess’ children understood, that love bound the Realm together. Silver-tails didn’t understand love the way red-tails did; they understood it, lived it in their own way.

The two red-tails held the silver-tail. Fingers lightly caressing, the Lovers Eternal. They both had given their love to the silver-tail, the soul who had brought them all together, made the Realm begin, and made all of the future possible.

Words escaped the Temptress as her Desired One cupped her cheek, daring her close to share a soft kiss. A breath held was released in a soft moan as he drew back, so-blue eyes as wet with tears as her own.

The silver-tail felt her First Love’s fingers draw over her shoulder so familiarly, turning to look into glistening so-green eyes awaiting her. Slim, red-tipped fingers drew the Temptress close. Soft red lips brushed against one another, fanning flames of love that had never faded.

Desire held them in this moment; not simple lust, but explosive, infinite, breathless, world-building desire. Each had been missing a part of themselves up to this moment. Each held the love of the others within them, knowing that love without question, yet this was beyond anything any of them had ever imagined.The Temptress and the Eternal gasped in delight as their Love’s touch found their most sensitive places to caress. Two loves of the Realm pressed themselves against their love who brought the Realm to be. Tails of red and silver found each other in the midst of the rapture shared. Bodies enamoured with shared desire found the wonder of being together as was forever meant to be. Three souls found joy within the passions of their Goddess.

The Temptress parted her lips, the words on the tip of her tongue. Her Adored One placed a finger on her lips, shaking his head. She didn’t need to say a word. His Eternal had a bemused smile; he touched her lovely lips in a matching bid not to speak.

They watched him struggle with his own words, trying to give voice to something they both knew. Simple words that he’s said to them both so many times before, but never together, never like this, in a moment that always was yet had never been. He found himself silenced by those he loved pressing their lips against his own. An Eternal held his loves in his arms, they both held him in theirs as they rested their heads on his shoulders.

The Temptress looked into the eyes of her Queen, seeing the words unspoken in her so-green eyes and knowing what they were. The Realm was of their making. The love that created everything they had was given from their love shared.

All three of them held their love in their arms now, for always, for ever … in a home built with love … in a Realm created by that love … in the presence of the love of their Goddess forever and ever …

Words could wait …

… they weren’t needed to say …

… “We love you.”

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