Succubi Image of the Week 711

Succubi appear in a lot of fantasy settings of course, it’s expected if you think about it. A work of fantasy art this time on the Tale which brings something to ponder…

Infernal Temptress (Mature 18+) by Darkphoenix909

Infernal Temptress (Mature 18+) by Darkphoenix909

This work is by the artist Darkphoenix909 on DeivantArt and you can find the original page here.

She’s very much a temptress, there’s no question of that. Her form is wonderful, I think the various accessories she’s wearing add a lot to her look. There’s a little bit of a harem feeling here as well, though I think that’s probably more of a tease and trap for the unwary…

A seductress should be irresistible and she certainly is…


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