A Review of Demon Hunter: The Vermillion Cabal by Michael Dalton

Demon Hunter: The Vermillion Cabal by Michael Dalton

Demon Hunter: The Vermillion Cabal by Michael Dalton

A review today of the second work in the Demon Hunter series by Michael Dalton, you can find my review of the first book here.

Being involved with magic leads to complications. Whether that be close at hand or brewing on the horizon, sometimes there’s no real shelter from the oncoming storm.

  • Title: Demon Hunter: The Vermillion Cabal
  • Author: Michael Dalton
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 207 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B093Y5XQ5H
  • Publishing Date: June 1, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Grad student Jimmy has settled into life as a sorcerer with succubus Katarina, girlfriend Hayley, and familiar Charlotte. But much about his background and relationship to the infernal bureaucracy remains a mystery he struggles to unravel.
Hired to recover a powerful grimoire lost by Hell decades ago, Jimmy and his harem come into contact with a mysterious group known as the Vermillion Cabal. But the threat the group poses is not what it seems, and the job soon leads to a shocking series of discoveries about Jimmy’s past.
With his life hanging in the balance, Jimmy must decide which path he will walk, and where his allegiances truly lie – assuming those decisions have not already been made for him.

Life is complicated when you’ve captured a succubus and she’s the least of your problems. Jimmy has learned something of what he’s facing, but there’s more to discover and some things he might be better off not knowing for his own sake. But that’s not really an option, as much as he might want it to be.

The work follows on directly from the prior story, Jimmy making connections with new characters and strengthening that which he has already. Overall it’s world building, setting up the series and moving the characters onwards. Katarina, the succubus of the series, remains with him, and while the story doesn’t focus on her much, there’s some needed character growth that I rather liked.

There is a scattering of erotica throughout, but it isn’t real;ly the focus. There’s a lot of world building that needs to be done, dark forces to be revealed and, in time, a mystery to start to explore. It does turn very serious at times, hard choices are made, but there’s a good sense of Jimmy’s morality which holds things together.

It’s perhaps a bit scattered, there might be a point where sorting out the relationships, which at times are hugely complicated, would have been a good thing. Occasionally there’s some story drift as well in which the characters lose their way for what seems like not a good reason. It’s still a cute and fun read, but the pressures are getting to the characters and it’s clear that the fun isn’t going to last.

Three out of five pitchforks.

A good follow on work, it does fill in a lot of gaps and it does start to give the main plot the traction it needs. Katarina is a bit on the edges, as such there’s not a lot of growth, but some promise is there. Hopefully the next work will give her something more to do and perhaps she’s be something more than what she’s been so far.


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