A Hard Act to Follow by TeraS

Once more into the depths of Cassie’s story this time on the Tale. You can find the previous parts here, here, here and here, here, here, here, here, here, here and last week’s part is here. This has been a story in which Cassie has learned many things, and perhaps she will learn that love is …

A Hard Act to Follow
By TeraS

Time, some have said, is an illusion. At three in the morning, according to her desired one’s clock radio, Cassie thought that it wasn’t so much an illusion as an opportunity to take stock of … everything.

Intimacy was something that Cassie knew of, understood, but didn’t see the point of. After all, if nothing else, she was very direct in her wants, there was no question of that. Except that wasn’t really true in the case of Keith. She knew, in her mind, what she wanted. But her heart and soul didn’t want exactly the same thing.

Sex alone wasn’t enough—she’d come to realize in her time with him. Truthfully, the thought occupied her mind when they were apart, but the moment their eyes met, the moment she caught that smile, the moment he held her close … it wasn’t important.

Cassie was a sexual being, just like Tera, like her red-tail Eternal-to-be would be. But what red-tails believed in placed intimacy well before any thoughts of sex alone. For a silver-tail like her, it seemed somewhat odd, to be honest.

When Keith said: “You are perfect in all of the ways that matter.” She wanted him to do whatever he wanted. Whatever it was, she would delight in the moment. Closing her eyes, she had felt his hand tracing over her hip, lightly caressing towards that spot where her tail emerged. The Temptress knew that touch: he’d done this so many times before—well, so many times since for him. So many times she’d melted as the tip of one finger teased over the top of the base of her silver tail.

Cassie had never asked how Keith knew; he just did. As she sighed, shivering from his touch, the answer was clear. This moment, the first time she’d been her true self, in her adored one’s arms, was how.

Love wasn’t the same thing as sex. They’d been in love that night: the intimacy of dancing in a slow circle together; looking into his so-blue eyes, her tail wrapped possessively around him; falling into the delight of his lips brushing her neck, the goosebumps racing over her body.

In the dark, she felt her adored one’s body spooning with her, one arm over her waist, fingers twinned with her own, her tail draped over his legs. She’d felt that piece inside of her settle, fall finally into that place where it belonged, becoming a peace inside of her. Nibbling on her lip, the Temptress wondered why she hadn’t opened herself to what he’d offered, or would offer, for so long. Keith wanted her as much as she wanted him. He loved her as much as she loved him. She didn’t have to tempt him into sex with her. That wasn’t what mattered. The tears came again as she remembered what he’d said that first day in the Realm: “I hope we can be as close.”

She’d missed that. He didn’t mean it as she’d thought. Her Adored One was trying to tell her that he knew her, that he wanted her. He couldn’t just tell her that they’d been together already. The barriers of time didn’t allow it to be. So many clues he’d given her, and she’d passed over all of them until the here and now for her, the there and then for him, when everything fell into place.

Shaking her head slightly, Cassie chided herself. She’d been stupidly self-absorbed, that would change, she would change … at least some. She still wasn’t going to stop tempting him.

“What are you thinking about?”

Her reply was a very deep sigh: “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

He kissed her shoulder: “Haven’t been asleep.”

She managed a smile in her answer: “What have you been doing, then?”

“Thinking about things. About you, about her. Wondering what the future will be.”

His fingers caressing her skin brought a moan from the Temptress: “I can’t …”

“I know. Better I don’t know.”

Goddess, she wanted to tell him. Slipping out of his embrace, the silver-tail turned to face him: “What you need to know, is we love you. We both do.”

She could just make him out in the dark as he whispered, “You said you love her.”

“As much as I love you.” The Temptress nuzzled into his hand cupping her cheek.

“Everything will work out, Cassie.”

“Goddess, I hope so.”

“Love is eternal.”

Three words: the words that Cassie kept in her soul, but never spoke; what she’d been taught through the scriptures of the Goddess. There were Eternals for every soul in love.

The Temptress pushed her Adored One over, moving to straddle him, trapping him beneath her. Before crushing her lips to his, she released her truth into the air: “I’m eternally yours, my love.”

She’d said it. There was no taking it back, not that the thought would ever cross the silver-tail’s mind. The morning would bring Tera. She would bring the future. But Cassie had admitted to him what she never could admit to herself before.

There was more than one kind of Eternal.

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