There’s only so much cinching a corset can do

Womens 4 Piece Red Sexy Devil Corset Costume
Another one of those costumes where it’s more tacky than it should be, a bit more over the top than makes sense too. Corsets are fine, that can be lovely, but this example is rather off putting for a succubus costume.

This is the Womens 4 Piece Red Sexy Devil Corset Costume and it comes with the corset, a pair of wings, the rather disappointing horn and, of course, a pitchfork that I want to set on fire. This ensemble sells for $140 US.

It’s really disappointing, very tacky and overall it’s just not a really nice looking corset. Beyond that the horns don’t add anything to this, the pitchfork is less than nothing as well. Overall there’s not much here that appeals, nor should it really.

There are far nicer looking corsets that can be paired with a side-slit skirt, thigh high boots and a really good pair of horns. It wouldn’t take much to outshine this costume with not that much effort.

I’ll admit that it would be more expensive, but at least you wouldn’t be embarrassed.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

Nothing special, but something special can appear given a bit more effort overall…


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