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Succubi Image of the Week 713

bisou by jas-sparks

I think that bikinis are meant for Succubi, they do, after all, tend to help them show off their curves. A lovely work of art this time on the Tale in which the bikini is a little bit teeny, but still looks so right here… This work is by the artist jas-sparks on DeviantArt and …

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Such an inspiring costume isn’t it?

Devil Costume for Women

There are many costumes that are trashy or uninspiring. Then there are those in which the costume’s name can only barely suggest the blandness of the costume itself… This is called the really quite unique “Devil Costume for Women”, and yes I am being every so slightly sarcastic about the name. It comes with the …

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A Review of Money Honey by J. Manfred Weichsel

Money Honey by J. Manfred Weichsel

There are some stories about Succubi that are exceptionally unique. By that I mean the mythos of the succubi is the start of an unexpected story which brings with it something thought provoking. It also might, given the chance, offer something of a theological question to ponder. A review then of a story in which …

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Involved by TeraS

Another short interlude in the midst of Cassie’s story today. It’s a story which is mainly from her perspective, and there are points along the way that I feel like something more can be said from someone that’s … Involved By TeraS Simone had called, told him to get to his office as quickly as …

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A Review of Seduced By Moonlight by Vivian Blake

Seduced By Moonlight by Vivian Blake

Succubi and angels in love is a delightful story to tell. The thing is, just having the story be a simple good and evil based theme really doesn’t do the characters justice. But if the characters are the focus, and that allows them to become more than where they begin, it gives the opportunity for …

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A Succubus Resident Evil 2 Game Mod YouTube

Resident Evil 2 Ada in Super Succubus Outfit GamePlay

I’ll admit to playing very few video games, more so that the ones I’ll have a look at need to have Succubi in them for me to do so. Still, there are mods that can be used to transform characters that exist in games to looking like Succubi. A YouTube then of a mod for …

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A Review of Against the Grain: A Human’s Guide to Wooing an Asexual Incubi by Nikole Knight

Against the Grain: A Human's Guide to Wooing an Asexual Incubi by Nikole Knight

Sometimes one’s own needs are, sadly, overwhelmed by their family. It’s a very poor thing to do, it causes no end of harm. It’s especially sad when one’s heart cannot be true to itself. A work then today in which the needs of two outweigh many. For in that understanding comes the one thing that …

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