So close and yet not quite the costume it should be

Bad Religion CostumeThere are, I will admit, the occasional costumes that cause me to pause and… mull. There’s an idea in them, usually not really well brought out, that is appealing in some way.

What makes this mulling a bit troubling is that only one small change could have make things better. Well, two if you count the horns, but that’s another thought…

This is called the Bad Religion costume and it comes with the red velvet dress with the sheer upside down cross detail and a slit that just about gets to one’s hip, The horns the model is wearing are included, the staff and shoes are not, and it sells for $85 US. Adding the staff and shoes, which really you’d have to, would push this costume to $135 US.

I honestly like a lot of this overall look. I don’t care for the upside down cross detail for one reason. It would look a lot better if it was a cutout. I think that one change would make this look quite sexy overall, especially with those shoes and the staff. I don’t think a lot of the horns, but with the cutout there’s a balance in the look and it does work, which surprises me.

There’s actually a lot here that works, is sexy and doesn’t look silly. That’s a rare thing for me I know. Still, it needs a bit of work to make it what it should be, but that’s not impossible and really changing this costume wouldn’t take much.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

It’s a rather good idea, it doesn’t look trashy. Something rare and that is something to make note of…


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