A Review of Firsthand Experience by Trixie Adara

Firsthand Experience by Trixie Adara

Firsthand Experience by Trixie Adara

I’ve reviewed a work by Trixie Adara before on the Tale, and there are some of her works that are just deliciously erotic when the plot turns towards succubus themes. While the erotica is very present, the story matters and as a whole, the journey to the erotica makes for wonderful storytelling.

Throughout these works, there’s one character that keeps appearing and I’m quite delighted in her doing so again.

  • Title: Firsthand Experience
  • Author: Trixie Adara
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 16 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B0987NT3WM
  • Publishing Date: June 28, 2021
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

After having a fight with her boyfriend, Christa reaches out to Nancy, one of the leaders from her Bible Study. But when Nancy starts to prod about the nature of the argument, she discovers that pure and innocent Christa is a virgin and saving herself for marriage. When her boyfriend was unwilling to wait for her, he stormed out of the relationship. Now Christa is reaching out to Nancy to confirm that she made the right choice, that God wants her to wait for marriage. Of course, Christa can’t fathom the secrets Nancy holds, the twisted desires she harbors, or the powers the cruel Bible Study hides. Nancy thinks there is a simple cure to Christa’s problem: she needs some firsthand experience. Luckily, Nancy is there to provide it for the sheltered good girl.

Christina is a good girl with a problem. In hopes of some advice her hopes turn to Nancy, in the hope to be guided on her path. But Nancy isn’t really Nancy and the succubus Saris will be more than pleased to give Christina the direction she needs.

The work is a mix of seduction, corruption and submission that works well, has heat and tells a very good story. There’s a lot to like in how Christina slowly falls and how she is transformed. There’s a few twists along the way, some lovely internal monologue by Saris that added a lot to the story as well.

Saris is a wonderfully seductive and wicked succubus and I liked her a lot in the story she’s appeared in by this author before. She’s evil, without question, but there’s more to her than just being evil. She’s a bit of a schemer, slightly over the top at some moments, but always a seductress and corrupter. That makes her interesting and adds to her overall appeal. I do think however she was far more present in the prior work Worship by this author and that’s mainly because she’s more directly involved from start to finish, not hiding as she is for the most part in this work.

Four out of five pitchforks.

Perhaps not as delicious as Worship, perhaps a bit less sensual in the transformation and corruption. It is wonderfully written and captivating nonetheless. I’d hope for something from this author in the future that delves into Saris’ background and gives something more about her than just who she is now. That in itself would be possibly the most telling story of all.


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