Truth by TeraS

A pause in Cassie’s story this week. It’s mainly because something came to my thoughts, perhaps something that Cassie might have written in the space between meeting Lil and finding herself needing to explain … everything … to Keith. The words are scattered, unsure, but perhaps they are also …

by TeraS

Perhaps I won’t be able to say what I want to when I see you tonight.

I’ll be leaving this note in your library, hidden among your books. Not in the book that matters, that one is for Tera to find, the one that will bring you together as the Eternals you are meant to be. This will be in the one beside it.

I don’t know what book that will be, but, knowing Goddess and how she’s been pulling on the three of us, it wouldn’t surprise me if she has sorted that out, as well.

Tera told me once that you said: “You had my soul at ”Hello.’” Those words didn’t have to be said, you didn’t have to say hello to have mine. I am your Temptress, but you are my Temptation.

I don’t feel jealous about what you and Tera have, or will have, or whatever the right words are to say what is happening, or will happen, or has happened. I see the two of you and wonder what it’s like to have an Eternal, to know what that’s like.

Then I wonder why there must be only one Eternal for each of us. I’m not sure where I heard that, but it seems so very unfair to those of us who believe we have found ours and can’t have.

I don’t want to be Queen. That’s for Tera, she’s the one who should be. But is it so wrong for me to want to be with you and her? Not as a plaything, not as window dressing, and I know that you both would never want that to be, either. I don’t want to be between the two of you, and I know that could never happen. The love you share is … legendary.

You made the Realm what it is you know. You gave Tera the way to make what she wanted to happen. You offered not just her, but all of us, yourself, your soul, your love. I don’t think you really understand what that meant to us all.

Tera is the Queen, you are her King, or will be soon, or have been for a while when you find this. I couldn’t be happier that you are. There’s a purpose to all of this, why you met Tera, why I came here before you two met. Through you, Tera was given something she was told she would never have. I see that every day and I can’t help but wonder what the future holds because of the miracle your love made real.

I keep telling myself that just being close is good enough. But oh, I want more, in all of the ways that my teasing and tempting of you says. This time seeing you as mortal only made me love you more. I’m not ashamed of that; I wear my love for you openly and, every time you hold me, I know that I’ve made the right choice. I’ll never be called your Eternal. But I am your Temptress … eternally.

I’m not a red tail, but my love burns with a fire that is as bright as Tera’s own.

I’ve made my choice.

I am eternally yours, my Eternal.

Thank you for being mine.


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