Act Upon Them by TeraS

Cassie’s story continues on today … You can find the previous parts here, here, here and here, here, here and the previous part can be found here. There comes a time when one comes to a crossroads, a moment when the choice matters and one’s own desires can press one to …

Act Upon Them
By TeraS

The night had been everything that Cassie had hoped for. She’d found just being with Keith, talking to him, spending time and nothing more delightful, but it also pushed her need for intimacy more and more to the center of her thoughts.

If they were both in the Realm, the Temptress would have long before been twining tail with him and far more than that. Things were so much simpler there; she had no need to hold back from being herself.

The silver-tail had, on several occasions that evening, made comments that were slightly suggestive, but Keith didn’t take the bait. In all honesty, Cassie expected that he would be a gentleman; he always was. Seeing him as a human, it was clear that this was his nature as much as it was her own to be the seductress she was.

The evening was, Cassie decided as they entered the hotel lobby, one of the moments with her desired one that was unforgettable. Glamour was important, but it paled in comparison with this evening. Eventually finding themselves standing outside of her hotel room, the Temptress decided to just say the words: “Would you like to spend the night?” She wanted him to give in, to just take the step and spend the night and more. It wasn’t asking a lot. As a red-tail, he’d be quite willing to do so. He’d know that it was what she wanted. But Keith in this here-and-now didn’t have that insight, and his next words dashed her desires.

Kissing her hand was more pleasurable than she expected, but the bashful expression told his feelings: “Cassie … it’s too soon for me.”

She tried not to allow her crestfallen feelings to creep into her reply: “Please call me in the morning?”

He smiled: “Count on it.”

From her window, Cassie watched the red convertible down below turn into traffic and disappear. She understood why he’d not accepted her offer to stay the night. He would never think of doing something dishonourable, something that, in his thoughts, might take something away from her, make her feel somehow lessened.

The silver dress lay on the floor beside the bed in a heap with her heels. He told her, clearly, that he cared for her, that he wanted to see her again. But it wasn’t the moment she’d wanted to have. Cassie thought that expressing her desire, her want, would be enough.

Lying on the bed sheets, fingering the bracelet Keith had given her, Cassie kept running the evening through her thoughts, trying to see where things had gone wrong. She’d been the centre of his attention, she’d felt the love Keith had for her. She knew that he did; it was the same feeling the Temptress felt being in his arms when one of her plans went wrong–or right, for that matter. He clearly loved her … as much as he did Tera.

Cassie had forgotten that.

As she curled up with the pillow again, she smiled. He did love her: now, then, and always. She needed to be patient.

The next morning, Keith called: “Cassie I’d like to apologize for last night. When I give my heart to someone … It’s forever.”

Cassie knew what forever meant better than Keith did: “Remember that story about my friends? You have my heart and soul, you always have. I can wait an eternity for you.”

She heard the relief in his voice: “I won’t make you wait that long.”

That teasing tone reminded her of how he sounded when he had a plan. Clutching the handset a little tighter, she asked: “What are you plotting ?”

“I’d like to show you something. Think you can be ready around five tonight?”

Cassie looked at the silver dress and heels she’d worn the night before: “Oh, I think so.”

Then he surprised her: “Dress warm. This isn’t anything formal, but you’ll be among the stars.”

The Temptress couldn’t make heads or tails of that, but it didn’t matter. She’d be with her desired one once more.

She decided to wait outside of the lobby for Keith to arrive–the carpet had started to wear out from her pacing, after all. The silver-tail didn’t expect the red convertible as Keith pulled in and stopped in front of her, the raised eyebrow made Keith chuckle: “It’s still not running right.”

Closing the door, Cassie mused: “Are you planning on breaking down in the middle of nowhere?”

As they pulled into traffic, Keith replied: “Well, not breaking down at least.”

It was, all things considered, a long drive. The radio was tuned to some soft rock music station providing background to their conversation as Keith drove. It didn’t cross the silver-tail’s mind to ask where they were going. Really, it didn’t matter so long as her red-tail desire was close by.

They stopped at a roadside diner for dinner, and it was better than the ones she’d stopped at on her journey to him. The cherry pie for dessert made the Temptress sigh in delight and made Keith just shake his head while he said something about a movie and orgasms that made her laugh.

Soon after leaving the diner parking lot, the convertible turned off the paved road and onto a winding passage through a forest. Cresting a hill, an odd white building with a domed top came into view. Cassie didn’t have any idea what it was, but Keith seemed to know it well. Pulling to a stop, he turned off the car and explained: “This is our local observatory. They look at the stars here.”

She smiled at her memory of his tease on the phone. They would be among the stars, at that.

She expected they’d go inside, but it turned out that Keith had other ideas. Opening the trunk, he slung a long tube over his shoulder and offered Cassie a blanket. Moments later, Cassie was resting on the blanket and watching Keith set something up. The sun had set shortly before and the night came in a rush, the only light coming from red coloured walkway lights towards the observatory in the distance.

The Temptress watched her future red-tail set up a tripod and then remove something from the tube. When he was finished, Cassie gasped quietly. It was a telescope, the same one she’d seen in Keith’s office in the Realm.

Stepping back from the telescope, Keith asked: “How much do you know about the constellations, Cassie?”

“Not a thing. Really never paid much attention to them in our night sky.”

Offering his hand, he seemed quite pleased: “Then this will be a surprise.”

Looking through the telescope, the silver-tail saw many, many stars, She kept looking as her adored one explained: “In the middle, you should see five stars that look sort of like a stretched out ‘w.’”

Having him so close by, she leaned into his touch, still looking: “Yes, I can see it.”

“There’s a myth about them, a story really. They represent a beautiful woman lying on a throne.”

Cassie tried to see that in the stars, but really couldn’t quite manage it. She expected that it had something to do with Tera. After all, she was the Queen, beautiful and being on a throne all fit her role, more or less, whatever her best friend might think.

“It’s called Cassiopeia.”

She couldn’t hide her surprise: “You’re making that up.”

“Total truth.” The Goddess was having far too much fun now. But Cassie found she was fine with that as Keith held her close and they looked at the stars.

Cuddling on the blanket, Cassie remarked: “There’s so much about you that I don’t know.”

“There’s a lot I don’t know about you, either, Cassie.”

The Temptress sighed contentedly: “Oh, I’m not that hard to figure out.”

Keith considered: “Would you like to come to dinner tomorrow at my place? I can bore you with my library.”

Cassie’s eyes became very large in the dark. That was the answer the Temptress had been searching for: “I’d love to.”

Tomorrow, she would tell Keith everything, and he’d open the door to everything …

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