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A Review of Sex Starved Succubus by Samantha Clemmons

Sex Starved Succubus by Samantha Clemmons

There’s a number of very short works appearing of late, something that I refer to as being pamphlets quite often for how short they are. It’s fine to publish a short work, but at the same time, if there’s a story idea, or the seed of one, sometimes it’s better to flesh that out into …

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It’s Not An Act by TeraS

Once more into Cassie’s story and it’s time to face the music. You can find the previous parts here, here, here and here, here, here, here, here, here, and last week’s part is here. When you have to tell the truth, no matter what the result will be, you have to be able to prove …

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A Review of Empath’s Lure by Jen Lynning

Empath's Lure by Jen Lynning

Creating a universe with depth and meaning to surround a story is important. There needs to be a reason why things happen, meaning to the events and, most of all, a way to draw the characters of the story together that makes sense and isn’t something that just happens for no reason at all. In …

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A lovely Morrigan Aensland Figurine

Darkstalkers (Vampire) Morrigan Aensland 5.5 Figure Collection

From time to time various Succubus figurines appear on YouTube and, occasionally, a Morrigan Aensland figurine makes an appearance. This time on the Tale, one particular Morrigan figurine which has the most curious expression. If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link. Here’s a screenshot of the figurine, and …

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A Review of I am Sister by Doniyen Bom

I am Sister by Doniyen Bom

There are a number of stories that revolve around the mythos of Lilith and then take things towards another direction. That can be rather interesting, occasionally thought provoking as well. But sometimes the concept gets a bit lost along the way and one is left to wonder. Perhaps the most difficult thing is when there’s …

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Succubi Image of the Week 708

Vilanda by chaosdmm

A rather striking succubi work of art this time on the Tale for the Image of the Week. Style matters in many ways, it can add a lot to the form of a succubus. It also can bring about a rather delightfully sinful succubus who enjoys being so very naughty… This work is by the …

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So close and yet not quite the costume it should be

Bad Religion Costume

There are, I will admit, the occasional costumes that cause me to pause and… mull. There’s an idea in them, usually not really well brought out, that is appealing in some way. What makes this mulling a bit troubling is that only one small change could have make things better. Well, two if you count …

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