Act of Contrition by TeraS

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Act of Contrition
By TeraS

Cassie thought she knew everything about Keith; well, at least the important things. But she’d never really considered stepping away from teasing and tempting him—it was her nature, of course. Cornering him in an alcove somewhere in the palace, sneaking up behind and covering his eyes with her hands, purring “Guess who?” was fun, after all. He didn’t mind, she knew that. She loved the sparkle in his so-blue eyes, the kiss they’d share in those moments after made it all worthwhile.

This was something completely different, the Temptress realized, as Keith brushed off the wrought iron bench and she looked around the park. The maple was tall, very old, the leaves a shade of red that was close to her ebon-maned Queen’s tail. What Cassie hadn’t realized from the photo was the other tree that stood nearby. The leaves very close to her own silver-tail in colour. Goddess was having far too much fun. But she couldn’t do much about that.

Turning her attention back to him, Cassie reminded herself this was Keith before the Realm, before he’d become part of her life. This was Keith in the time before he knew that succubi were real. She couldn’t just come out and start talking about what would be. Things had to happen, in time, in the way they were supposed to.

That was a shame, honestly. Cassie would have loved to place herself over him on the bench, sitting on his lap, lunch forgotten. She imagined the intimacy, the wonder of being with her desired one, giving herself to him. Of course, this was the mortal world and not the Realm. They probably wouldn’t take kindly to all of the naughty things the silver-tail wanted to do, would do, was ready to do.

Time and space were headache-inducing things.

To be honest, Cassie thought it would be worth it, but she’d be a good girl. At least until she didn’t have to be. Still, she hadn’t been a “good girl” with Keith all that much in the Realm. Well occasionally, perhaps, but those were rare moments when she had to be good. Her smile was delicious as she remembered those moments with him. Settling onto the bench, Cassie mused: “I might be a bit overdressed for a picnic.”

Her so-blue eyed companion handed the silver-tail a wax paper-wrapped sandwich: “Then we’ll just have to make sure not to make a mess, won’t we?”

That idea of having her way with him started becoming more and more irresistible, the blonde Temptress leaning over and kissing him on the cheek: “Always thoughtful.”

He shrugged: “Been told that I’m a good person. Try to be.”

Cassie unwrapped her lunch: “I think that’s just a part of your story, Keith.”

Chewing on his, Keith considered: “Not much to tell about me.”

To Keith’s surprise, Cassie rested her head on his shoulder: “Any hopes and dreams?”

“Oh I have dreams, Cassie; we all do.”

“Dreams do come true.”

He chuckled: “My Lady, are you trying to tempt me?”

Cassie kissed his cheek: “Do you want me to?”

Keith lacing the fingers of his right hand with Cassie’s left delighted her. His next words told her again why she loved him: “I don’t think I’m good enough for you, Cassie. You’re beautiful, and that’s not doing you justice. I’m sure there are many who are vying for you. I’m nothing special, and you deserve better.”

Her admission surprised him: “I’ve been saving myself for Mr. Right.”

His smile was achingly familiar: “I wish him luck.”

“Doesn’t need luck. He does need to ask me out for dinner tonight, however.”

Crumpling up the wax paper, Keith wondered: “Might I be forward and ask if you’d like to have dinner with me tonight?”

She just managed to keep from pulling him into a long, deep kiss: “I thought you’d never ask.”

The afternoon’s shoot was Cassie and the other models standing around the limo, or getting out of it, or some other posed idea that the director came up with. Amid the clicking of cameras and flashing of lights, she did catch sight of Keith in the background watching and taking it all in. The Temptress knew that he was a photographer—not of this sort of thing, but he had a niche that he was very good at.

At one point, Cassie was told to step out of the limo and blow a kiss to the camera. The focus of her desires found himself captured by green eyes, a naughty smile, and a look that would have melted the cameras if it was directed at them as she blew the kiss. The silver-tail was delighted when he mimed catching the kiss and placing his hand on his heart.

Soon the shoot was over for the day and the group was breaking up for the evening. After changing, and not looking as messy as she did in the morning, Cassie found Keith waiting for her.

His concern made her smile: “You look tired. Want to take a rain check? The place is kind of formal.”

Cassie’s purr was both a promise and a warning: “You aren’t getting away so easily.”

All Keith could do was shake his head and write down Cassie’s hotel and what room she was in. They parted with a promise they’d see each other soon.

Soon came with Keith pressing the buttons on the hotel lobby phone. Waiting for Cassie to pick up, he looked into the mirror. A tuxedo wasn’t his favourite thing, but the red bow tie was somehow appropriate.

When Cassie answered, it was short and to the point: “Wait for me. I’ll be right there.”

Idly, Keith wondered if she wasn’t ready yet and how long she’d be. Sooner than he expected the elevator chime sounded and an elevator door opened to the sight of a vision in silver.

Cassie was right: she looked perfect in silver. The silver dress made love to her curves, she was stunning. Silver earrings, silver bracelets on both wrists and a pair of silver heels made her gleam in the low light of the elevator lobby.

The Temptress stepped out, then made a slow turn so that the object of her desires could see all of her. She wanted, no, needed him to know how much she wanted him, that there was no question of her desires for him.

Facing Keith once more, Cassie’s eyes looked down, taking note of the patterns in the carpet, not wanting to say the wrong thing. She hoped she’d made an impression with him. Finding herself in Keith’s embrace was wonderful. The kiss took her breath away. Being lost in his love was ecstasy. The elevator door closed and the kiss went on.

In the lobby mirror nearby, the moment was reflected perfectly. Silver horns sparkled in the alcove light and a long silver tail wrapped itself possessively around Keith’s leg.

The Temptress knew her Queen would understand.

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