Succubi Image of the Week 702

From time to time, I have a thing about succubi wearing glasses. There’s just something about adding a pair of glasses that just pushes a succubus to appear that much more seductive.. A piece of art this time in which the succubus might be wearing glasses, but her look and expression are just perfectly sexy…

Insert Inappropriate Title Here by Ichneumonidaem

Insert Inappropriate Title Here by Ichneumonidaem

This work is by the artist Ichneumonidaem on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this art here.

Wonderful expression, amazing style and pose, she’s every bit the seductive being she should be, her horns look perfect for her too. Where I am a bit confused is if she has glasses or not, it’s a bit hard to say. But from my point of view she seems to have a pair of half glasses on and I find that deliciously fun…


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