A Short YouTube about Succubi in D&D

I came across a short YouTube about succubi and how they can be used in Dungeons and Dragon adventures. It’s a bit short but it gets the main point across. There’s also an interesting adventure idea as well that’s shared.

If the video can’t be seen on the Take, please try this link.

This actually reminds me of an article on the SuccuWiki which you can find here.

In the case of D&D, the following quote from the article is, I think, very apt and does actually give the succubi in this role playing game far more power and influence than I think most D&D games give them:

Succubi are the consummate manipulators of the demon world — some say of all the planes! They thrive in this role, offering corrupting advice and granting boons that always end in despair. When a succubus chooses its target, it often disguises itself as both the enemy and ally of the target so as to sow the most discord.

This means that characters who suspect that a succubus is involved should be wary of everyone near and dear to the target. True seeing is a good way to spot a succubus for what it really is. Remember that succubi are manipulators, so you may find yourself helping a victim who doesn’t necessarily want to be helped.

While succubi sometimes find random victims at the bottom of the social strata, most focus their effort on the movers and shakers of the world who have enough resources and manpower to make outside interference with the succubus’s plan both difficult and dangerous.

Something to ponder, not just in a role playing game but otherwise as well…


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