July 2021 archive

A Succubus Reclining Speed Painting YouTube

Succubus Reclining by TheAsylumchild

I stumbled across another succubus speedpainting YouTube and it is a lovely work by far. Certain poses and expressions just are succubish and this particular work is amazing in that… In the event the video cannot be seen on the Tale, please try this link. As always, in the event the YouTube vanishes, here’s a …

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A Review of Winter Solstice: A ‘The Incubus’ Secretary’ Bonus Chapter by Anna Kendra

Winter Solstice: A 'The Incubus' Secretary' Bonus Chapter by Anna Kendra

Works that tease a series or larger story can be interesting on their own, many times becoming a doorway into understanding the characters and the world they exist within. The question becomes one of where the story tease ends and what it begins to the overall story and characters. Title: Winter Solstice: A ‘The Incubus’ Secretary’ …

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Succubi Image of the Week 703

Jaslyne by LenamoArt

For the most part I prefer when the horn style and hair style of a succubus mesh together well. I think it matters that the horns accent the hairstyle and vice versa. An amazing piece of succubus art this week in which the entire look is perfect and displays the secuctiveness of the succubus wonderfully. …

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There’s nothing to raise in this costume

Hot Hell Raiser Costume

There are costumes which are a hazard in more ways than the damage done to one’s fashion sense. There are some which can, truly, poke your eyes out. This is called the Hot Hell Raiser Costume and it comes with the long dress the model is wearing and the rather ugly horns and it sells …

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A Review of The Warriors Of Rothenberg by Vivek Kumar

The Warriors Of Rothenberg by Vivek Kumar

Sometimes a story suggests there is a succubus involved in some way within the tale being told. There’s evidence of them being on the edges of the story, they push the characters to act in some way or other. The problem comes when the succubus doesn’t actually appear, doesn’t have a name and just is …

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Act of Contrition by TeraS

Cassie’s story continues today on the Tale. You can find the previous parts here, here, here and here and last week’s story here. More often than not, there comes a time when we have to offer an … Act of Contrition By TeraS Cassie thought she knew everything about Keith; well, at least the important …

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A Review of Hell Has Come to Azania by Succumb To Me

Hell Has Come to Azania by Succumb To Me

Sword and sorcery is a very common theme where succubi appear. That is expected of course, but then comes the problem of dealing with the trap of having them be stereotypical, uninteresting and, as a whole, kind of boring. Really it’s the character themselves and how they make the world turn around them that can …

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