Caught in the Act by TeraS

There’s an idea that has been mulling about in my thoughts for a while now. Thanks to my heart, who’s advice and considerations have always made my ponderings become something more than they otherwise would be, I’ve had a story idea bemuse me. So, a story about a certain silver tail, a certain red-tailed aunt, and the problem one has when one is …

Caught in the Act
By TeraS

The Receptionist of the Realm was known for many things, not the least of which was her ability to know, without question, when someone had intruded on her domain. Whether that was someone pushing at the portals to the Realm and being denied, or, as on this particular morning, someone who dared to step into her gateway within the palace, guarding the entrance to the offices of the Queen and the King.

Even if the Eternals had issues with those titles, they couldn’t do anything about what the offices themselves were named, of course. Nor would they even think of trying to alter the bureaucratic domain of the Receptionist.

Simone would not have been at all amused. Not even breakfast with Keith could change that. Being woken up with a start well before dawn didn’t do much for the red-tail, and she wasn’t at all pleased. Tossing the covers away, she seethed, “This time she’s gone too far.”

Meanwhile at the Palace, a door was opened to admit someone who shouldn’t have been poking her tail where it was. Mind you, Cassiopeia didn’t really concern herself about that issue. She had far more important things on her mind. The silver-tailed temptress had been … well, stalking wasn’t exactly right. There was something about Keith that kept drawing her to him. As she looked around Simone’s office, she nervously fingered the silver bracelet on her left wrist and remembered …

Long ago, she’d challenged Tera for the throne … and lost. To be honest, it wasn’t really about her taking the throne from her closest friend; for Cassie, the point was to push Tera into being herself and shaping the Realm to her desires. Yes, to many in the court in that moment, it was seen as a betrayal of the Queen, but she’d never want to cause harm to Tera. If she had won, then Tera would be free to do whatever she wanted. In that, she believed, Tera would thank her … eventually.

That Tera left immediately after their confrontation was a shock, Cassie could not believe that Tera would just abandon the throne without a word. It was more of a surprise when the court was summoned and Tera was on the throne alone.

But she wasn’t for long. Her first glimpse of Keith was him appearing beside Tera. He just … looked right: blue eyes, red tail exactly the same shade as Tera’s own. He wasn’t a movie star, wasn’t like the other incubi who kept flaunting themselves. Revealing his name and taking Tera’s hand in his own, it was clear that, while he was the King, he was there as an Eternal not as a Monarch, and that realization made Cassie’s heart flutter.

She’d told Tera, very clearly, that she intended to know her Eternal better, and that set Cassie a new goal. It was a short time later, as the assembled court was paying their respects to the Queen that Cassie had found herself watching from afar, being pleased with Tera and with all that her being Queen would hold for the Realm when his voice startled her.

“Cassiopeia, may I have a moment please?”

Oh Goddess, it was Keith. She turned away from Tera to find a pair of so-blue eyes waiting for her. Brushing her short blue hair behind one ear, Cassie demurred, “Yes my King?”

She didn’t expect him to take her hand and hold it gently. Succubi have the ability to know exactly the souls of others, to see within them and look into their desires. What Cassie found was the never-ending love for Tera, and that brought tears to her eyes. But what caught her breath were the next words Keith said: “Tera explained that you are her dearest friend. I’d like for us to be as close, if you’d be willing.”

The silver-tail found herself being drawn into his embrace, her green eyes meeting his blue. She’d never been comfortable with anyone, save for Tera. There wasn’t any sort of connection she’d felt with anyone else in the Realm. In that moment, being the focus of Keith’s attention, the thought that she’d had when he first appeared came back. He just … looked right.

Wetting her lips, Cassie whispered, “Only if you call me Cassie.”

His smile delighted her: “Only if you call me Keith.”

The enchanted silver-tail nodded, her voice escaping her. What he did next was unexpected. Allowing her hand to slip free of his own, he drew a small silver case from a jacket pocket and offered it to her. “This is for you Cassie, I hope you’ll like it. I’ve been told that silver-tails are very particular about this sort of thing.”

Jewelry was indeed something that silver-tails were very picky about, especially silver jewelry. Opening the clasp, Cassie caught her breath at the simple silver bracelet that rested within, three fingers wide, with ornate patterns drawn throughout. Her eyes returned to Keith. “It’s beautiful.”

Keith coming close and kissing her cheek made her melt. She knew he wasn’t using any of the powers of the Incubi, wasn’t trying to influence her. He genuinely sought her approval and friendship. From that moment onwards, the bracelet never left her left wrist.

But a gift given required a gift in return. Cassie’s thoughts focused on this as Keith offered his hand and they returned to the court, where Tera awaited. The smile of her dearest friend drew her into a needed embrace, and a naughty thought that Cassie couldn’t shake.

As Keith watched, the blue of Cassie’s hair faded away, turning blonde, while at the same time it lengthened, becoming almost as long as Tera’s own. Tera giggled as she drew Cassie’s hair over her right shoulder, “Tease.”

Cassie shared a naughty smile with Tera, “I did say I intend to know your Eternal better.” Then she looked directly to Keith, “We’re going to have a lot of fun.”

Keith really didn’t know what he’d unleashed within the now blonde silver-tailed temptress then onwards.

Returning from her memories, Cassie looked at the bracelet and made up her mind. She opened the inner door to Keith’s office and came to a stop. There, in the middle of the room, Simone stood. tapping a finger against the sleeve of her jacket and peering at the silver-tail over the rims of her glasses. “What, exactly, are you doing?”

For once, Cassie didn’t tease or skirt around the issue. She didn’t have a good answer other than the truth. Still fingering the silver bracelet, her eyes met Simone’s. “I don’t want to be alone anymore.”

That admission hung in the air between the two Succubi for countless seconds before the older red-tail embraced the young lost silver-tail. “Talk to me.”

And so, for the first time ever, Cassie did.

To be continued …

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