June 2021 archive

A striking Succubus artwork process YouTube

Succubus by Art By Nanna

Perhaps I am a bit biased in how much I am delighted with art of Succubi that is both strikingly sexy, but wonderfully seductive. A process YouTube this week in which there’s so much delight to be found… In the event you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link. And …

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A Review of The Incubus Stories by Jennie Lee Schade

The Incubus Stories by Jennie Lee Schade

Many stories about succubi and incubi tend to have them either physical entities or spiritual beings. This makes sense of course, they are, or rather can be, such things. Where stories become interesting is when the succubus or incubus moves from the realm of thought to the realities that exist. Within that shift comes something …

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Succubi Image of the Week 699

The Soul Sucker, Morrigan by melficexd

Time for another Morrigan Aensland piece of art as the Succubi Image of the Week… I freely admit that the images that I like the best of Morrigan are those where her hair just looks amazing. An image this week of Morrigan looking a bit pensive, but deliciously naughty… This lovely art is by the …

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There comes a point when there’s too much sequin in a costume

Sequined Devil Costume

I don’t really mind sequins as a whole, they can add something to a costume when used well. This week’s costume seems… like someone dipped the costume and just about all of the accessories into a vat of sequins… This is called, surprisingly enough, the Sequined Devil Costume but the image is a little misleading. …

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A Review of The Courtship of a Succubus by T. D. Rashawn

The Courtship of a Succubus by T. D. Rashawn

The definition of what a succubus, or incubus for that matter, is can be shifted in focus in many ways. The reasoning for choosing what a character describes themselves as makes a difference as to how the reader sees them to be. A review then of the first work in a series which keeps some …

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Caught in the Act by TeraS

There’s an idea that has been mulling about in my thoughts for a while now. Thanks to my heart, who’s advice and considerations have always made my ponderings become something more than they otherwise would be, I’ve had a story idea bemuse me. So, a story about a certain silver tail, a certain red-tailed aunt, …

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A Review of Desires of a Latex Succubai: Vol 2 by Marisa Mai

Desires of a Latex Succubai: Vol 2 by Marisa Mai

A review of the second work in the Desires of a Latex Succubai series by Marisa Mai today, you can find my review of the first work in the series here. It’s not enough to be seductive when dealing with other succubi, sometimes you have to be a really good chess player and know exactly …

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