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Overtime By TeraS

There are some souls in the Realm who are … far closer to reality than the stories themselves reveal. The colour of their hair, the slightly gruff nature, the walking stick that has been with a person as long as I can remember. Most of all, the phone call from a cherished uncle to his …

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A Review of Lustful Desires by Vivienne Rose

Lustful Desires by Vivienne Rose

The thing about telling a story is that sometimes the minutia gets in the way of driving the characters further along their path. It can be difficult at time to avoid getting into the depths of detail, losing focus and just not getting as far in the story as you might like. Still, if the …

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A YouTube about an interesting book about Succubi

the succubus queens pet human light novel

I am always delighted when a new author bring a tale of the Succubi to light. I came across this YouTube in which the author Victor Steel is promoting his first book The Succubus Queen and her Human Pet. From the author’s description , the work sounds delightful… If you can’t see this video on …

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