May 2021 archive

Our Mother’s Love by TeraS

It is, as I am writing this, Mother’s Day. It’s been a long time, at least when I wrote this, since I’d written anything, let alone something to mark this day. It’s … never been an easy day for me, of late it has become that much more difficult. But there’s something to remember on …

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A Review of The Elf and the Incubus by Polyxena Onassis

The Elf and the Incubus by Polyxena Onassis

A review of a work today in which one of the main characters is an incubus and what comes from agreeing to their needs. Honour matters to each soul and finding honour in unexpected places can make for the most interesting of encounters. But should the focus simply be sex alone or is there more …

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A YouTube promotion for a Succubus Steam game

Succubus Game Logo by Madmind Studio

From time to time on Steam, various games, most of them quite unimpressive and, at least for me, not really that much having to do with Succubi appear. It’s been a series of disappointments for me much of the time and that’s mainly to the games treating Succubi as typical monsters and and not a …

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A Review of Demoness, Transcended by Jonathan Lees

Demoness, Transcended by Jonathan Lees

Tone matters in a story. There needs to be a thread that remains true throughout, otherwise the telling becomes lost in the tone, which it shouldn’t be. Perhaps it’s more apt to say that speaking one’s own truth shouldn’t be veiled in abstract paths and unsure narrative. If one can focus on the story and …

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Succubi Image of the Week 694

Morrigan Quickc by blackdragon-checo

I’ve said it many times before, and it still remains true that I adore cute Morrigan images… For the first image of May, what has to be one of the cutest Morrigan Aensland images in my collection by far… This work is by the artist blackdragon-checo on DeviantArt and you can find the original page …

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I can think of better looks for a date

I do wonder at times where the names of costumes come from. There are many of them that just don’t seem to make any sense at all. I suppose that could be related to how trashy some of the looks are. Still, there are some examples where all I can do is sigh and shake …

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A Review of The Succubus by Paula Spicer

The Succubus by Paula Spicer

Not all stories with succubi have them at the core of the work. They are a means to an end, a tool used to drive characters in the direction the author wishes. It’s a common thing, and used in a way that lends to a good story it works well. But saying that there is …

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