May 2021 archive

Remember Me by TeraS

I’m sort of in the midst of writing stories again—at least the ideas are coming to me, passing thought via my fingertips and appearing on a screen. I have an idea for a story, one that I think will be interesting, and might even open up some new paths for those in the Realm. The …

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A Review of Snow Print by Ellen Mint

Snow Print by Ellen Mint

Not every character in a story can be likeable. There are some who, in order to drive the story onward, have to be bothersome, or irritating or in some way simply unlikable. There are reasons for this, of course, but at some point the snark can become distracting to the story itself and it really …

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A short YouTube playthrough of High School Of Succubus

There are some succubus themed videogames that I can’t help but laugh over. It’s not for what they look like, but the dialogue in the story that just… really goes out on a limb. I came across a short YouTube of the beginning of a playthrough of the High School Of Succubus game which I’m …

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A Review of The Incubus’ Steamy Revenge by Anna Schuyler

The Incubus' Steamy Revenge by Anna Schuyler

Relationships are never an easy thing. It’s more of a problem when words can’t be said, emotions are misinterpreted, and when it really matters., fear of what might be is more important than what reality is. That can make for the core of a complicated story, but at the same time, it also gives a …

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Succubi Image of the Week 695

Succubus by Sorciiere

There are some images of Succubi in which there’s a story offered in what the character looks like, or some aspects about them. More often than not, the story remains untold, or to the viewer’s consideration. An image this week that offers something unique and in doing so leaves a lot of questions behind… This …

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Is this really that bedazzled?

Bedazzled Devil Costume

One of the words that I don’t particularly like is bedazzled, that’s for many varied reasons. I came across this costume which, honestly, could be something nice given some effort. But the question is if the effort is worth it. This is called the Bedazzled Devil Costume and it comes with the rhinestone flame tube …

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A Review of On the Floor With a Sapphic Succubus – Part 1 by Jacki Sensal

A Review of On the Floor With a Sapphic Succubus - Part 1 by Jacki Sensal

Writing a story from the first person perspective can be a difficult thing to do. The problem comes in the reader trying to fit themselves into the story and allow it to take them where the author wants it to go. Sometimes the story takes a direction that makes it hard to get into and …

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