May 2021 archive

Reflecting Pool by TeraS

Stories have their own truths to be told, something meaningful which, when the words come together in the right way, matter. Perhaps within the notes of a certain tune, heard by two, that truth can be found in a… Reflecting Pool By TeraS For Alei There are many bodies of water in the universe, from …

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A Review of Cast a Slutty Spell – Stories of Magical Erotica by All These Roadworks

Cast a Slutty Spell - Stories of Magical Erotica by All These Roadworks

A review today of an anthology of short erotic stories which have various supernatural themes mixed into them. That does bring about, as happens, the appearance of succubi and incubi of course. However, one shouldn’t be expecting every story in the collection to have them, for in this work they most certainly are not. Title: Cast …

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Another cute Succubus speedpainting YouTube

Speed drawing of Succubus by Wayne Draws

From time to time on the Tale I share speedpainting YouTubes that I find. Sometimes they are interesting, other times it’s just that the succubus is wonderfully cute. A YouTube then this week of such a cute succubus that I found. In the event the video cannot be seen on the Take, please try this …

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A Review of Demon Hunter: Birthright by Michael Dalton

Demon Hunter: Birthright by Michael Dalton

Possibly one of the most popular erotica adventure themes are harem collection based stories. The thing about those based in a fantasy universe is that almost always there’s at least one succubus that appears. The question that I wonder about is whether the succubus herself will be more than a sex toy and something more …

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Succubi Image of the Week 696

DEMON GIRL full version by killbiro

A piece of photorealistic art this week on the Tale and that’s mainly because this particular work has a “Queen on her throne” vibe that I really like very much… This work is by the artist killbiro on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this art here. The slightly aloof expression and …

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There’s always another trashy costume isn’t there?

Underworld Diva Costume

I think that costume designers confuse vampires and succubi a bit too much. Today’s… lovely… example… I think is a look at just how trashy some costume designs can be. This is called the Underworld Diva Costume and it comes with the red sequin bodysuit, a tail and the horns the model is wearing. Boots …

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A Review of Anne On Bended Knees by Salem Sloan

Anne On Bended Knees by Salem Sloan

The telling of a story with D/s themes to it can be something of a tightrope to walk. Perhaps the hardest thing to avoid is moving events in the story to places that don’t fit with the needs of the characters. Reflecting on their needs, seeking out their truths and then playing upon them, when …

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