A YouTube about an interesting book about Succubi

I am always delighted when a new author bring a tale of the Succubi to light. I came across this YouTube in which the author Victor Steel is promoting his first book The Succubus Queen and her Human Pet. From the author’s description , the work sounds delightful…

If you can’t see this video on the Tale, please try this link.

It is a paperback work and I have, of course, placed an order for this work and I expect it to arrive sometime in the May to June timeframe. When exactly I’m not quite sure as Amazon isn’t being that clear about it.

If you’re interested, please click this link to the Amazon.com page with this author’s work and please think about supporting them.

A SuccuWiki page, and a review, will be appearing as soon as possible…

One last note, this mainly being for the author, should he ever read this. You’d be well served to place an Amazon link on your video’s page i think…



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