May 2021 archive

Gifted By TeraS

Some might have noticed that over the weekend I posted the 7000th article on the SuccuWiki with an entry on my daughter Branwyn … There’s a bit of information there, but it really doesn’t tell the entire story, of course. The thing is, sometimes the story isn’t as important as what’s … Gifted By TeraS …

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A Review of I Summoned an Incubus by Zoe Lawrence

I Summoned an Incubus by Zoe Lawrence

One of the things that I find interesting is how an author puts the pieces of a story together in order for their main character to encounter a succubus or incubus. Many times that’s a short, aimless piece of writing  which leads to nothing more porn level erotica. However, occasionally an author creates something teasing, …

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A simply wonderful Succubus Doll YouTube

Sable by FalyneVarger Art

I adore Succubi dolls, and I wish I had more of them as a collection than I do. I’ve spoken to some amazing artists over the years and their talents just amaze me. I stumbled across a YouTube by FalyneVarger Art in which she shares the transformation of a doll into her own absolutely stunning …

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A Review of His Demon Prize by Stella Del Mar

His Demon Prize by Stella Del Mar

It’s interesting to see two characters come to terms with each other in spite of the flaws they have. A review today of the first work in a series in which the story revolves around needs and wants, but also the problems that arise when characters tell stories to themselves. It’s not uncommon for characters …

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Succubi Image of the Week 696

Succubus by taganchankun

Images of Succubi in the midst of being summoned appear occasionally here on the Tale, and for this week’s image, a lovely work of art with a wonderfully cute succubus appearing… This work is by the artist taganchankun on Pixiv and you can find the original page with this art here. Lovely smile, her pose …

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A corset does not equal seduction alone

Sexy Devil Corset Costume

The next few series of succubus costumes are more meant to be seen in a private setting. That’s to say that you want to look sexy and seductive for a certain someone so they give you their soul. This week’s example doesn’t come close to that. This is called the Sexy Devil Corset Costume and …

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A Review of The Incubus Trait by Draconis Lit

The Incubus Trait by Draconis Lit

An aspect that appears from time to time in some works that interests me is when a character can’t accept themselves for what they are, and tries to make excuses for their needs. It can be an odd way to tell a story, but it also can bring about needed development in the story. That …

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