What is it with fur on costume horns anyway

Black Metallic Devil HornsI’ve been ranting about this particular item of costume accessory for… well.. years if not decades and having come across yet another example, it’s time to roll my eyes, say some words and then find a fire to throw them in.

This… thing.. is the Black Metallic Devil Horns set and it sells for an unbelievable $20 US, but you can find it on sale for $8 nearer to Halloween.

They look wrong, being far too large in shape, but beyond that, the fur on the base of the horns… why? Why is it that almost every pair of horns has that? It makes no sense, adds nothing to them. It does make them look cheap, which might be the point, I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

There are better ones, they aren’t hard to find either. Being that horns are, if you think about it, a rather important part of any devil or succubus costume, why have something like this that just takes away from everything else?

Zero pitchforks out of five.

It’s not that hard to wreck a costume look with these and not that hard to make it better.



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