From Afar by TeraS

I’m come to the thought that it makes some vague sense to write little peeks into the thoughts of various Realm characters. I think this gives, in a way, an idea—if not for you, the reader, then for me—as to what their motivations are. For those who didn’t figure it out, last week’s story was about the First of the Succubi, Lilith, now known as Lil in the Realm. This time, we follow a certain silver-coloured pain in my Eternal’s tail named Cassiopeia…

From Afar
By TeraS

She knew, in all honesty, that she’d always see him from afar.

From the moment he’d appeared beside Tera, to stand with her, to be the King of the Realm, she’d felt like she’d lost something. Oh, it wasn’t losing to Tera in the battle for control of the Realm. That, she knew, was just posturing, which made her smile as she looked back into her memories of what had transpired.

There was a feeling that kept drawing her back to him, seeking him out, doing all sorts of naughty things to try and get him into a compromising position, preferably one with her so very much involved.

She was a silver tail, all about glamour, all about being the centre of attraction. It was nothing—really so much less than nothing—to wink at any other soul in any realm and lead her or him to fall to her desires. But Keith didn’t.

She knew, clearly, that he was Tera’s Eternal; there wasn’t any mistaking that. The first time she watched them from afar, tails entwined, their love open for all to see, she dismissed her feelings as idle jealously. She’d never had an Eternal, never found anyone that had even come close to being that … or so she believed. The concept was beyond her feelings, or perhaps more accurately, it was buried away where it couldn’t bother her. But it did.

No matter how much she offered herself to him, the bait being cast for him to be ensnared in, the same thing happened. He’d hold her in his arms, tell her she was beautiful, desirable, all of the words that made her melt and want him even more. A kiss, the twining of their tails and then … so often it wouldn’t happen. The few, and she could count them on one hand, moments of intimacy they had shared were cherished by her, giving her the smallest moment of being close and yet oh-so-far away from him.

She couldn’t understand why he wasn’t taking the moments she offered. Oh, they’d toy with each other, the laughter was wonderful. Cornering him in the shower filled some of her most delightful memories. He wasn’t like the other incubi of the Realm. His thoughts were never about his desires; he never wanted to take advantage of her. She’d expected him to act like one of the incubi, but he really never did. Perhaps being born human had something to do with that, she wasn’t honestly sure. But he was the King, he should expect that every succubi and incubi of the Realm would want to be with him. That’s how things were expected, meant to be.

And yet, in all of the Realm, there were so very few beside Tera that could say they’d been intimate with him. They’d tried to put into words what it was like and they really couldn’t. Not even she was able to express what it was like to have those so-blue eyes to gaze upon, to be held by him, to know that you were the focus and no one else in that moment.

Cassie ached for that touch, that feeling once more.

Still, that odd feeling that she’d missed something in the past kept nagging at her thoughts when she watched from afar. He was, if she was honest with herself, not anything glamorous. Yet she could see herself being beside him, not as the King and Queen of the Realm, that was far beyond what she’d want; Tera was more than welcome to that. She couldn’t be his Eternal, that much her soul had accepted. But … was there something else? Was there a place with him? Was there?

She was one of the succubi, the oldest and dearest friend of the Queen. Could she be someone that Keith would love almost as much as Tera?

Perhaps that was the thought, the wish, the hope pressing her forward on her quest, no matter now mysterious it was … or would be.

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