Succubi Image of the Week 690

Something a little bit different for this weeks Succubi image and that’s mainly because this is a physical artwork and not a digitally created one. While that is something different, the main reason I chose this artwork is the striking design of this Succubi, her pose and especially the artist’s style in creating her…

Succubus by LaValence

Succubus by LaValence

This work is by the artist LaValence on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this art here.

This is just a delight in so many ways, I especially love the mixture of gold against her horns and skin, it’s a really nice contrast. The white eyes work really well with her smile, and the textures and shading in her hair are just perfectly done. Her pose is, I think, very inspired and adds that little bit of seductiveness to her form as a whole which brings everything together.

Sexy, powerful and a lovely Succubi by far…



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