Sunrise By TeraS

After too long without musing… and with the help of my Heart, a beginning anew…

By TeraS

Time passes in ways that can’t quite be explained by even the most attentive souls. Something happens in some way to divert one’s attention and, when that comes to be realized … well, perhaps an eternity hasn’t passed, but certainly more time than one expected, or wanted, has.

The Realm … however … is.

Time is less of construct than it is a means of marking one moment from the next there. The moments come and go, some marked in passing, others known but not really brought to the fore as they might well have been. That’s not to say that the passage of time isn’t important … even if a certain red-tailed Queen of the Realm continues to insist that one specific day of the year not be marked in any way.

Of course, that never quite works out that way.

But this moment finds two red-tails entwined—yes, it is not just the tails, but the red-tailed people—on the patio of their home, looking towards the distant horizon where the first inklings of the beginning of the new come to appear. Resting against her Eternal, her thoughts are of what stories she hasn’t heard, the ones inside that need to be told, all the moments past when the words were there, on the edge of moving from the space between her horns and fingertips to leap into the universe.

She feels his hands in her own, wonders if the words can still make their way to be shared in some small way, however meaningful they may be. The doubts are there, as they always are, for that is part of her soul. She smiles to think of her heart, his promise, waiting, as long as it has been to see her words, and she wonders what he will think of where she starts from now. Perhaps it will not be the best thing she’s ever done, certainly her ellipses will be no end of problems, they always are, after all …

The thing is … every story starts with the first word and grows into what it was meant to be. Not trying is … not trying, after all…

Perhaps the sunrise is a metaphor for her own tales returning, the stories starting anew. Or a sunrise might just be a sunrise in the Realm: two Eternals watching the moment come, the day begin, and the promise of new tales … and tails … Either way, something good will come from the words put down and shared.

For all of the questions she has, Tera holds on to the thought of her family, holds on to the stories they tell, and gets ready to let fly the stories she tells in return …

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