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A Review of Jessica’s Succubus by Jillian Rose

Jessica's Succubus by Jillian Rose

A review today of one of Jillian Rose’s works that recently appeared. While the author tells amazing stories, I’ve found the overall tone varies from one end of the spectrum to the other. Perhaps that’s the horror aspects or the heat in the erotica as a whole, but sometimes the result is quite unexpected. Title: Jessica’s …

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Succubi Image of the Week 693

Tera, Queen of the Succubi by Doc000

It is, so I am told by several reliable sources, my birthday today. As today is also the Succubi of the Week… A bit of an indulgence. I’ve shared art from my dear friend Doc000 on DeviantArt several times before. For today’s image, a portrait of the Queen of the Realm… Of course, my tail …

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What is it with fur on costume horns anyway

Black Metallic Devil Horns

I’ve been ranting about this particular item of costume accessory for… well.. years if not decades and having come across yet another example, it’s time to roll my eyes, say some words and then find a fire to throw them in. This… thing.. is the Black Metallic Devil Horns set and it sells for an …

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A Review of The Succubus Bar Complete Series by Jezebel Rose

The Succubus Bar Complete Series by Jezebel Rose

One of the story ideas that I do like is the thought of a bar that’s owned by Succubi. There’s a lot of storytelling that can come from that and today I’ll be reviewing the two works released as of this post as the Succubus Bar series by Jezebel Rose. Not every bar is all …

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The Promise By TeraS

There are some beings in the Realm who are reflections of those found in the real world. Artistic liberties are taken, of course, but there’s a bit of truth hidden within them. Little events or likes, for example Earl Grey tea and oatmeal cookies, are those quirky things that make me smile. Sometimes there’s a …

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A Review of Succubus Fun by Sarah Adams

Succubus Fun by Sarah Adams

A review of the second work in the Succubus series by Sarah Adams today on the Tale. You can find my review of the first work here. One of the things I’d hoped for was a bit more than a hot flash and more character development moving forward in the series. As the song says: …

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The second of two delightful original Darkstalkers YouTubes

Last week I shared a wonderful creation that I can honestly say is so, so much better than the original Darkstalkers cartoon series. This week, the second video, which is even more amazing than the first by far. There’s something about Morrigan being aloof that I find amusing and the last words spoken by her, …

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