Succubi Image of the Week 686

Much of the time, the Succubi art that gets my attention really comes to the expression in the art. There’s something about a bemused smile, for obvious reasons, that I adore. Setting that aside, Succubi art need not be overtly “evil” to be something of an attention getter and this week’s image is a lovely combination of pose, expression and look that I think is so very well done…

Succubus by SpeedWaifuG

Succubus by SpeedWaifuG

This work is by the artist SpeedWaifuG on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this art here.

I really don’t think that “evil” exactly works for this particular Succubi, I do however think that she’s quite forceful and mischievous, which for me works far better. Tempting smile, a pose that is quite the attention getter doesn’t hurt either. Amazing details in her hair, her eyes and outfit. She’s very much a “complete” character and in that I do adore her so very much…



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