A Review of Demon by AV Evely

Demon by AV Evely

Demon by AV Evely

A review of a gender transformation story this time on the tale in which a succubus appears.

I find such stories interesting and given a good story that builds on the erotica, there’s a lot of good to be found. but when the succubus is somewhat fleeting in the work, something’s missing for me.

The work tells of:

II’ve seen people transition before, but this is different. There’s not a hint of her past life about her. Working with her is becoming impossible. I can barely be in the same room without dirty thoughts plaguing my mind. I know the urges are wrong, and she’s supposed to be my friend, but I can’t stop them. What’s more, she’s wearing skimpy clothing all the time, so is she purposely teasing me? You’d think that would be enough to contend with, but there’s more. Freya and I work in a museum cataloging ancient artifacts. She brought in this book, and both she and our boss have forbidden me from looking at it. The book calls to me. If Freya doesn’t want me, then I can get out my pent-up frustration with the succubus. What have I got to lose? It’s not like there are centuries of warnings and legends about the dangers of the succubus. It’s probably just that, legends—no way it could be true.

Karl finds himself facing the mystery of what’s happened to his friend. Once male, now female, there’s something off about the entire situation. A strange book not meant to be his opens the door for a succubus to appear and Karl will never be the same again.

The work at its core is a gender transformation story with a succubus on the edges to push the characters forwards. How the transformation progresses is well done and overall the story isn’t over the top in doing so.

The succubus of the work, who is never named, seems more of an elemental force than anything else. She’s not really a character as a result, really not developing past what she is. She’s sexual, domineering and seems to be mainly focused on those aspects.

The erotica has some heat, but there’s more effort in the storytelling than there is in the erotica. I think that works well, but a bit more seduction or temptation before the transformations might have made for a better read overall.

Three out of five pitchforks.

I do wish there had been more of the succubus, certainly I’d have liked her to be named as well. She’s part of the story, but not in the story as much as I’d have liked. Overall more of a gender transformation work than a succubus one.


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