Succubi Image of the Week 683

A bit of cosplay for this week’s Succubi image which I thought was quite well done. While it isn’t on DeviantArt any more, it was there for a time. Setting that aside, the model is lovely, the look is very Succubish and there is  lot to love in this cosplay…

Glamorous Succubus by ShadowDreamers

Glamorous Succubus by ShadowDreamers

The original page on DeviantArt where this work was posted was here.

The look is very Succubi, from her heels to her horns, everything fits together really well. I’d have liked a bit of colour contrast, perhaps some red somewhere, but that’s me. She’s delightfully seductive, her pose works well with her looks too. Her horns might be a bit too large, again that’s my personal bias, but as a whole, the look is very well done and I do approve very much…



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