Succubi Image of the Week 681

Returning this week to cute anime Succubi, a cute and fun work of Succubi art that makes me smile and at the same time wonder a bit about the pets this Succubus has with her…

Succubus by gibuchoko

Succubus by gibuchoko

This work is by the artist gibuchoko on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this art here.

Delightfully cute, an adorable smile and her outfit really works with her bodyshape and form. Interesting background shades and she really is just a fun thing as a whole. Perhaps the one thing that beings me a bit of pause are her bat “pets” which seem a bit on the evil side compared to her pose and expression. That said, cartoon bats would be have been as adorable as she is, but setting that aside, she’s wonderful…



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