Succubi Image of the Week 680

I don’t often share images of Succubi in the midst of nibbling on souls, but I came across an image that I found rather interesting. So, for this week’s image a Succubus in the midst of giving and at the same time, taking from the one she is with…

Your Soul Is Mine by pinkystick17

Your Soul Is Mine by pinkystick17

This work is by the artist pinkystick17 on Hentai Foundry and you can find the original page with this art here.

Overall, the art tells a story in a very clear way, but at the same time the questions of how, when and who are left to the imagination. She’s a bit different as a Succubus in her form, her tail is oddly interesting. That said, I’d have liked her “prey” to be a bit less drained overall. But, in this moment and expression of a Succubus feeding, she very much reflects a classic Succubus but still allows for the seduction leading to this moment to exist which I appreciate…



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