Succubi Image of the Week 673

Time for another piece of Animeish Succubi art this week on the Tale. I find that some of the most interesting looks and outfits come from anime and this week’s Succubi is no exception…

Succubus by CHoCo

Succubus by CHoCo

This work is by the artist CHoCo, and you can find the original page on Pixiv with this work here.

I’ll admit to liking thigh-highs of all kinds, and this particular look is actually rather popular in anime as a whole. Personally I don’t care for it a lot, but in the right combination of character and style, it does work very well as it does here.

Really like her heels most of all, they just add that little bit extra to her style. Lovely hair, her wings and horns do go well with her. The little flourishes on her outfit are amazing as well. A cute Succubi, but at the same time she’s a rather striking one too…



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